XP-R2 Carbon Light Original Helmet | Can-Am Off-Road US

Our best-of-the-best M.D.C.F. (Multi-Directional Carbon Fiber) lightweight helmet with carbon and aramid fiber-reinforced shell

  • Toolless multi-adjustable wide-angle front peak with anti-reflecting sticker directly below to deflect glare
  • Flexible face trim design with a large nose protector area for better protection
  • Anti-slip goggle strap design
  • EPS foam upper insert between inner fabric and outer shell for optimized user protection
  • Integrated rear fin for added stability and aerodynamic performance
  • Double D racing buckle and pocket for sweat-absorbent front pad
  • Removable and washable cheek and head pads
  • Morpho System Plus - Ergonomic 3D cheek pads available in your size
  • Surround comfort-sanitized treated interior with Coolmax moisture-wicking action
  • F.A.S. (Full Air System) with 10 ventilation points and double rear extractor
  • Aluminum screws, protective-coated parts
  • AMA Competition Rules Compliant
  • Weight : Large = +/- 1275 g.
  • D.O.T. approved