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All Can-Am accessories are custom designed, off-road tested, and eligible for full coverage under our warranty.

Windshields & Mirrors

  • Off-Road-Accessory-extra-high-windshield

    Extra High Windshield

    16" windshield, the ultimate for protection against the elements while touring. For wind protection and winter applications. Tool-less installation and replacement. Fits Deluxe Fairing.

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  • Off-Road-Accessory-Deluxe-Fairing-yellow

    Deluxe Fairing - Yellow

    Innovative, richly-featured wind protection. Quick tool-less removal once base brackets are mounted on handlebar. 2 cup holders. GPS-mounting-kit-ready. Optional windshield, mirrors & auxiliary lighting.

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  • Off-Road-Accessory-High-Windshield

    High Windshield

    11" high, for wind protection and winter applications. Tool-less installation and replacement. Fits Deluxe Fairing.

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Cargo & Racks

  • Off-Road-Accessory-LinQ-32-gal-Trunk-Box-for-Outlander-MAX

    LinQ 32 gal Trunk Box for Outlander MAX

    Equipped with the LinQ System, the rear trunk box plugs in and out in seconds. 32 gal (124L) load capacity. Fully sealed lid.

    Available in Build & Price
  • Off-Road-Accessory-linq-32-gal-124l-trunk-box-panel-kit-red

    Trunk Box Panel Kit - Red

    Color panels to match your LinQ Trunk Box to your vehicle.

    Available in Build & Price
  • Off-Road-Accessory-Storage-Box

    Storage Box

    Features easy quick-attach LinQ installation on front and rear racks. Also installable behind the driver seat on Outlander MAX. Fully sealed box provides additional storage for essential and valuable items.

    Available in Build & Price


  • Off-Road-Accessory-Alpine-Flex-Plow-60

    Alpine Flex Plow 60"

    Plow made of flexible UHMW, the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. Enormous flex action protects the driver, unit, and object accidentally impacted. Impact absorption properties return plow to its original shape. Rearward release action practically eliminates jolts from being transferred to the driver or unit. Compatible with all Alpine Flex Plow accessories to further enhance plow versatility.

    Available in Build & Price
  • Off-Road-Accessory-alpine-super-duty-push-frame-with-quick-attach-system-for-renegade.

    Alpine Super Duty Push Frame with Quick Attach System - Outlander

    Tubes withstand roughest use. Mid-mount carriage provides up to 11.5" lift. Fits all steel blade styles. Fits on Plow Mounting Kit depending on your vehicle platform.

    Available in Build & Price
  • Off-Road-Accessory-Plow-Mounting-Kit

    Plow Mounting Kit

    Mounting plate precision-designed to stay on year round without compromising ground clearance. Required to install Alpine Super Duty Push Frames and Alpine Flex Plow Push Frames. Fits with or without Can-Am Skid Plates.

    Available in Build & Price

Riding Gear

  • Off-road-Accessory-mens-team-jersey

    Men's Team Jersey

    Evaporative, non-fading coconut fibre weaved into fabric for faster-drying, antibacterial, and odour-resistant performance. Extended back for coverage while riding. Non-fading sublimated graphics.

  • Off-road-Accessory-xp-r2-carbon-light-original-helmet

    XP-R2 Carbon Light Original Helmet

    Our best-of-the-best multidirectional carbon fibre lightweight helmet with carbon and aramid fibre reinforced shell. Tool-less multi adjustable wide angle front peak with anti-reflecting sticker directly below to deflect glare.

  • off-road-accessory-Ladies-Team-Jersey

    Ladies' Team Jersey

    Semi-fitted cut specifically designed for ladies. Stretch, quick-dry, antibacterial, moisture-wicking fabric. Sleeves with jacquard pattern fabric for extra ventilation. Small cuff. Non-fading sublimated graphics.