Get an Akrapovič exhaust for your Can-Am Spyder roadster

    May 2014


    You know you want to…


    Get an Akrapovič exhaust for your Can-Am Spyder roadster, that is. Your rational mind will taunt you with arguments about light weight, world-class design and workmanship but deep down inside, it’s your heart that’s leading the charge on this one.  You want to hear IT, that unmistakable deep rumble, that kind that sends a shiver up your spine every time you lean into the throttle.  Life is meant to be lived, and a shiny new Akrapovič silencer for your Can-Am Spyder roadster is a sure-fire way to transport you to your “happy place”.


    Drew Brees wants YOU to ride a Can-Am Spyder!

    Celebrities may seem like they have it all, but there’s something Drew Brees wishes he could do that YOU can! What is it, you ask? What could the talented Football quarterback for the New Orleans Saints possibly not be able to do….

    #RideASpyder, that’s what!

    So perhaps being a famous MVP quarterback DOESN’T have all the perks (although, we think it probably does otherwise). Here’s the situation: Drew’s contract forbids him from riding motorcycles, but he really wants to ride the Can-Am Spyder. The solution: Drew found a loophole and told his agent he was “retiring” for a day. A little extreme? Maybe…but that is just how badly Drew wanted to experience the exhilaration and control of the Can-Am Spyder.  

    Danica Patrick saves Steven Tyler and Brooke Burke from the paparazzi

    What’s better than a partnership between Can-Am Spyder and the amazingly talented Danica Patrick?  How about: Can-Am Spyder, Danica Patrick AND the iconic Steven Tyler.  See how Danica uses the controlled power of the Can-Am Spyder, aka the escape vehicle, to rescue Steven from paparazzi!  You can also watch the Brooke Burke’s escape on the Can-Am Spyder Youtube Channel:

    Now that we’ve peaked your interest, let’s take it back to our first video with Danica. Imagine an open road with the wind blowing through your hair, feeling completely stable and confident on the smoothest ride on the road.  THAT is how Danica felt during her first riding experience on the Can-Am Spyder. Check it out

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    Some things in life you just can’t get enough of

    And comfort is just one such thing. Now, as if your Can-Am Spyder RT wasn’t comfortable enough already, the creative minds at BRP have been burning the midnight oil dreaming up and designing accessories to kick it up a notch.  “Impossible!” you say?  As hard as it is to believe, they have succeeded.  Let’s take a closer look at some of their creative gems, designed from the ground-up for the sole purpose of making your life better, and yes, more comfortable.   

    Adjustable Vented Windshield

    Without a doubt, that « wind in the face » feeling is one of the most prized and enticing aspects of riding a Can-Am Spyder.  After all, few things in life personify freedom, or are more relaxing, than a soothing stream of air caressing your body.  That is, of course, so long as Mother Nature is feeling cooperative, which is not always the case.  Fear not, however, for the slick and easy-to-use Adjustable Vented Windshield allows you to get the last word on Mother Nature by effortlessly regulating frontal airflow.  A clever integrated adjustable vent offers easy infinite management of horizontal slots from closed to fully open, letting you adjust the precise amount of air you want, helping to make your ride as good as it can be. Don’t you love happy endings?

    Tri Axis Adjustable Handlebar

    The call of the open road is a difficult one to ignore, as owners of Can-Am Spyder RTs know all too well.  Of course, answering that call is even easier if you have the good fortune of having your Can-Am Spyder RT equipped with the Tri Axis Adjustable Handlebar, a state-of-the-art adjustable handlebar that reduces fatigue and improves comfort thanks to virtually unlimited adjustment possibilities.   An innovative Allen key adjustment system makes it easy to use, while linked left and right bars, which rotate simultaneously, make it impossible to disrupt the alignment.  Quick and easy adjustments to height, width and rake make it possible to change positions during a ride, or easily accommodate another rider in seconds.  Versatile and user-friendly, it re-uses all your stock components (handgrips, comodo and clutch cable).

    Akrapovič Sport-Touring 3C Silencer

    Working in harmony with the Spyder RT’s innovative three-cylinder ACE engine, the Akrapovič Sport-Touring 3C Silencer provides a sound  that could be defined as a soothing mechanical symphony.  Lightweight and built to norms that ensure it meets the most stringent standards available (including EPA, CARB and CE), its sound is unmistakable.  World-class craftsmanship and design combined with premium materials including titanium shell and carbon fibre end cap result in an exhaust system built to such a high standard that it can only bear one name, Akrapovič.

    Heated Comfort Seat

    Your buttocks get a bum rap.  After all, long days in the saddle have it getting slowly weighed down by bodyweight.  And it gets worse if it’s cold! Rejoice comfort aficionados, for the fine folks at BRP have just what you need: the Heated Comfort Seat.  The dual range hi/low heat setting is cleverly activated via driver and passenger heated grip controls, making it possible to individualise your warmth levels to those most personal and sensitive areas.  Oh yeah, and it also allows use of the new driver backrest too. Life is good. 

    Driver Backrest for Comfort Seat

    Pity your lower back.  While your nether region is getting the royal treatment from your Comfort Seat, it sits alone, neglected.  Quite sad, don’t you agree? Ah, but there is hope, thanks to the easily installed Driver Backrest. Disciples of function will appreciate the fact that it can be easily folded to allow easy passenger access, while proponents of form will be tickled that it’s colour matched.  Comfort, good looks, and best of all, a happy lower back.  To ensure it stays that way, your Driver Backrest for Comfort Seat can be safely locked in place, ensuring it remains all yours too.

    Chrome accessories

    Chrome deficiency got you down?  If you have an affinity for shiny polished goodness, you’re in luck, for the good folks at BRP are offering up a plethora of glittering accessories just waiting to be buffed to a mirror finish.  Chrome wheels? You betcha!  Handlebar cover? Oh yes!  Windshield support?  Indeed!  And so much more!!!

    Give your Spyder RS its own personal style

    Be it fixing your favourite sandwich, fluffing your pillow in that special way before retiring for the day, or even applying toothpaste to your toothbrush, we all have our own unique way of doing things, of leaving our indelible mark on things.  And your Can-Am Spyder shouldn’t be any different.  After all, why should you settle for ordinary when you are anything but.

    As anyone who has gone down the road to customization knows, purchasing some accessories can sometimes be akin to playing Russian Roulette.  Fortunately, you can say goodbye to unwelcome surprises by choosing your accessories from the very people who designed and built your Can-Am Spyder. Guaranteed performance and perfect fit.  Every time. Kind of makes you wish everything in life was this easy.

    So, set yourself apart from the crowd, affirm your individuality and let the world know this is YOUR Can-Am Spyder !