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Get an Akrapovič exhaust for your Can-Am Spyder roadster

May 2014


You know you want to…


Get an Akrapovič exhaust for your Can-Am Spyder roadster, that is. Your rational mind will taunt you with arguments about light weight, world-class design and workmanship but deep down inside, it’s your heart that’s leading the charge on this one.  You want to hear IT, that unmistakable deep rumble, that kind that sends a shiver up your spine every time you lean into the throttle.  Life is meant to be lived, and a shiny new Akrapovič silencer for your Can-Am Spyder roadster is a sure-fire way to transport you to your “happy place”.




The musically inclined define harmony as notes played together to create a pleasant sound, while others refer to it as a state of balanced co-existence.  We’re here to tell you that a new Akrapovič silencer makes it possible to have your cake and eat it too. How, you ask?  Fitting one of our accessory premium Akrapovič exhausts to your Can-Am Spyder will ensure that your ears are rewarded by the soothing mechanical symphony of your roadster’s Rotax engine, thereby putting all your senses on the same level. Yes, in harmony.   

Akrapovič exhausts are available for all 2013 and 2014 model Spyders.  So, whether your roadster is powered by the potent Rotax 991 V-Twin or the smooth-as-silk 1330 ACE triple, we offer an Akrapovič silencer that will help unleash the deep resonant mechanical music hiding deep within your engine.   It’s time to create your own sound bites! 



Quality first and foremost


Everyone knows you don’t get to become THE acclaimed world leader by cutting corners, and nowhere is this truer than in the case of Akrapovič exhausts.  This is a company that has its own titanium foundry!  And have we mentioned that they also developed and offer their own line of high-end carbon fibre products?  To say they use the best materials is an understatement. And now, you can benefit from this unparalleled combination of design and materials at your local BRP dealer.

Designed in close collaboration with BRP specifically for your Can-Am Spyder, it was built to the most stringent standards. In fact, it is certified by the EPA, CARB and CE. 



A thing of beauty


Great sound, durability and light weight are all for naught if it doesn’t look good.  As you’d expect, Akrapovič saw to that too, gracing its silencers with a unique hexagonal shape, for a touch of class and exclusivity. As an added bonus, the use of state-of-the-art materials like titanium for the outer shell and premium carbon fibre for the end cap yields benefits over and above durability, like 55% less weight than stock. 

So, to summarize: it fits right, sounds great, and will stay that way for a long time to come. Best of all, it’s approved by BRP, so it doesn’t violate your warranty. 


It’s time!


Time to treat yourself by visiting your local Can-Am Spyder dealer and tell him you’re ready… for an Akrapovič. After all, you know you want to.