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April 2013

Date: April 23, 2013

Can-Am Spyder Team

Sometimes you want to get away from it all and just enjoy the ride with some tunes on your Can-Am Spyder ST or Spyder RT. Other times, you want to be connected to your passenger, fellow riders or, unfortunately, the office. The Can-Am Bluetooth Communication System enables you to do all that, wirelessly.

To use the system, you need the Can-Am Bluetooth Dongle for Audio System and the AM/FM Integrated Audio System. If your roadster doesn't already have the audio system, it is available as an accessory. The Bluetooth Dongle creates a wireless connection between your Spyder ST or RT roadster’s AM/FM radio or any non-Bluetooth audio equipment and your Bluetooth headset. 

Depending on how your Spyder roadster is equipped, once you have this base system you can:

• Listen to the AM/FM radio or Satellite radio
• Listen to an MP3 player
• Listen to a GPS receiver’s turn-by-turn directions
• Talk with a passenger or other motorcycle riders 
• Have your passenger hear the audio/music
• Securely use your mobile phone

The Bluetooth Communication System attaches to your helmet and you plug the included earphones into it. This system is the ideal match for the Can-Am ST-1 Hybrid helmet. However, it is designed to fit nicely inside all helmets. It’s waterproof and the battery lasts 12 hours in use and 10 days in standby.

If you often ride with a passenger, consider the Bluetooth Communication System Dual Pack. Then you and your passenger can enjoy the same music or even converse. It’s a great, easy way to stay connected on those dream road trips.

If your fellow riders also use a Bluetooth headset, you can converse with them across a range of 40 channels. The Can-Am Bluetooth communication system is equipped with 4-way conference intercom, meaning you can communicate with 4 people simultaneously. 

To better understand the Bluetooth technology, you will find here 3 how-to sheets matching the items to the vehicles and listing the various uses of the Bluetooth Communication System. 

See your dealer for all the details on extending the capability of your Can-Am Spyder roadster with Bluetooth technology.