Shaking up shakedown

Follow Molly through the 72 hours leading up to Dakar


Episode 2 of Can-Am’s new Off-Road Livin’ Series

Here is the ‘shakedown’: the rebuilding, recalibrating and test running of Molly’s Maverick X3 as her team makes the final checks before the big day.

See how she handles her Maverick X3, the media and her team with equal dexterity...

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    Startline approachin’

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    Maverick X3

    Starting at $40,129

    Starting at $40,129

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    All hail the champion of rocks, dirt and dunes. The Maverick X3 can handle any adventure you can dream of. Pack it up and head way off-road to reach the most remote campsites, or win the toughest race.