The Simpson Desert

Maverick X3 in The Simpson Desert

The red sand of the Simpson Desert simply must be seen to be believed, stretching over 170,000 square kilometres, from the southeast corner of the Northern Territory and extending beyond both the South Australian and Queensland borders. The basic material of the dunes is white quartz sand, however there is often a small amount of clay mixed into the white sand. As the dunes age, iron in the clay oxidises, and the sand becomes coated in this iron oxide. The longer the weathering, the older the dune, and the richer the colour.

Picture driving your Maverick X3 amongst these, the longest parallel sand dunes in the world, some stretching for hundreds of kilometres, then across magnificent salt pans and gibber plains, toward endless horizons in any direction. Known as one of the great Australian outback adventures for 4WD lovers, the Simpson Desert boasts sights and experiences not to be found anywhere else. As for the challenging terrain - be ready for the unexpected. Now, that epic adventure can be elevated to even greater heights with the Can-Am Maverick X3.

Stop and explore the ruins of long deserted farm houses, and wash away the dust in the thermal waters of Dalhousie Springs. Camp under the stars at night; with an unbeatable view of the Milky Way at night a trip to Red Centre is essential for those looking for an adventure off the beaten track. High temperatures in summer mean that National Parks in the Simpson Desert are closed in the summer months, while during winter temperatures can fall below zero degrees Celsius. No towns or cities break the isolation in the Simpson Desert; while there are a handful of Indigenous outstations and a scattering of pastoral stations, it’s you, your Can-Am, and your wits.

Annual average rainfall is low – 150ml – but that doesn’t mean it won’t rain any time, anywhere and floods are possible. Luckily the Can-Am Maverick X3 has the versatility to be ready for anything – all with the flick of a switch. The Simpson Desert is the ultimate off road challenge, requiring years of logistical and planning experience to survive.

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