Toby Price Rides the Red Centre

Seven-time Finke champion and motor racing legend Toby Price knows the Red Centre like nobody else.

In 2021, Toby became the first person in the history of Finke to win in both the car and motorcycle categories – just one achievement from a very long list. Toby was the first Australian to win Dakar Rally (2016, he won a second in 2019), and the first rider to win at their second attempt. We could go on.

In anyone’s language, that’s some serious credentials. So, when Toby talks, we tend to listen. We asked Toby what he enjoyed about his trip to the Red Centre, where his vehicle of choice was the Can-Am Maverick X3:

‘The highlight for me was basically bringing people out who had never experienced what the Can-Am Maverick X3 was all about,’ he explains. ‘It’s so unexpected what these machines can do. They knew they were in for a really good 2-3 days.’

The Can-Am Maverick X3 has some traits which caught Toby’s eye, too.

‘The Maverick X3 was the key to the whole experience,’ Toby says. ‘They’re such a versatile machine that can go anywhere – take you to some really remote locations that not really too many 4WDs can get to. Some 4WDs can get there, but at slow speed. These are able to carry a lot more speed, get you to your destination a lot quicker so you can enjoy the experience.’

When he has time, one of Toby’s favourite pastimes is one we can all relate to – hanging out with mates.

‘That’s the best part about the Can-Am,’ he enthuses. ‘You can share these experiences with your mates and make these memories that last a lifetime. To be able to share that with mates and have them experience some of my world is what it’s all about.’

He’s a big fan of Australia’s Red Centre, too. ‘The remote middle of Australia, you’ve got all the bits of terrain and ground you could get across,’ he says. ‘Flat ground across the paddocks, to rough, beat-up terrain, to finding old 4WD tracks, to going through dry riverbeds, to see ground that I’ve never seen before.’

While the Can-Am Maverick X3 has continued to exceed Toby’s expectations, he has some tips for new players.

‘Look up a little bit, down the track. Look far ahead; know what’s coming and prepare yourself.’ The versatility of the X3 means drivers have every angle covered: ‘The handling of the machine is what I think blows people away. It gets through everything with ease, and makes your day that more enjoyable,’ Toby says. And to those considering joining the Can-Am Adventure? ‘Expect the unexpected,’ Toby says seriously. ‘Whatever you think can happen, you can pretty much double that. That’s what will make it one of those most memorable trips with your friends. There really is no place like the outback. This is one of those adventures you definitely want to be on.’

Excited? You’re not the only one.

‘I’ve never done the Simpson Desert drive myself,’ Toby says. ‘It’s one of the reasons I want to be on the trip as well. It’s exciting for me, and with a great group of people around me who are just excited, and some rev heads like myself, it’s going to make it a great experience.’

Join us for a genuine experience of a lifetime – the chance to tour with superstar Toby Price, swap stories and insights with Toby both on the trail during the day and around the campfire at night.

You don’t want to miss this.

For an exclusive look at Toby ‘Riding the Red Centre’, check out the video here.