Continue making history with us.


At the turn of the last Century, Canadian inventor Joseph-Armand Bombardier had applied his mechanical skills and inventive nature to create the 1937 B7 snowmobile, patented as the world‘s first tracked vehicle for the snow.

By 2003, BRP Can-Am became a standalone company devoted to delivering the world's best off-road vehicles. Advancements in engineering, a proven record of racing success from dominating the motocross series in the 70's to three-in-a row 2018–2020 class wins at the world's toughest race; the Dakar Rally. Can-Am proves that as far as we’ve come, there’s never a limit to how far we'll go next.

What sets BRP apart?


–#1 market share.

–Most complete lineup in the industry.


–#1 worldwide in personal watercraft.

–Most complete lineup in the industry.


–Award-winning performance and quality.

–Rising market share; currently #3 worldwide.


–Leading reliability, torque, and horsepower available across our lineup.


–Industry-leading 195 hp / 135 lb-ft of torque.
–Best Power-to-Weight ratio.
–Industry-leading suspension travel.
–3-time Dakar Rally class winner (2018-2020).


–450 / 570 : Industry-exclusive TTI rear suspension.
–1000R: 91-hp Rotax 1000R is the industry's most powerful engine.
–650 / 850 / 1000R: Industry-leading 1,650 lbs towing capacity (10% more capability than our closest competitor).


–Rotax HD10 : Industry-leading 69 lb-ft of torque.
–Industry-leading towing capacity of up to 3,000 lbs on the Defender 6x6.
–Industry-exclusive automatic air conditioning mode on the Defender Limited.