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Good enough is never enough

Do you belong to the select few who find that" good enough" is never enough? Are you one of those who refuses to compromise over their passion, or their work? Then you're ready to join the Can-Am Pack: the haven for thousands of professionals and adrenaline addicts who ride with Can-Am Off-Road Vehicles. With us, you're guaranteed to ride a vehicle that meets all of your expectations, no matter the playground. High performance and precise handling. Premium quality and fit-and-finish. Extensive and qualitative dealership coverage and more than 20 years of off-road expertise. What else were you expecting from the market’s best-in-class off-road vehicles?


The best in class off-road vehicles

We’re world-renowned for creating the best in class off-road vehicles. With the largest line-up in the industry, we fulfill every need across the utility, recreational and sport segments. For the past 20 years we have been pushing the off-road industry across the globe but our expertise don't stop here. We’re only just gaining momentum. Innovation is built into our DNA which is why we work tirelessly to improve our products. We exist not only to play the game, but to change the game.


The best performers in the industry

Our rider-focused design and precision-engineered handling, makes it no wonder our off-road line-up features the best performers in the industry. Enjoy adding a personalised touch with our full line-up of Can-Am accessories designed to suit the way you use and ride our vehicles. The moment you step into the vehicle, is the moment you realise our off-road vehicles are an experience you can’t live without.


As soon as you start driving your Can-Am, you’ll discover what being in a pack really means. It’s an experience that doesn’t stop when you turn the engine off, in fact, that's only just the beginning. Being part of the Can-Am pack means you’ll always find a store near your location where you can connect with passionate dealers and discover a fantastic fan community, both offline and online.