Host of The Wanted List; Hunter, American Idol Finalist

Kristy Lee Cook est une chanteuse country américaine qui a terminé septième lors de la septième saison d’American Idol.

Après American Idol, Kristy Lee Cook participe à plusieurs émissions de télé, entre autres comme animatrice de Outdoor's 10 Best en 2010 sur Outdoor Channel. La même année, elle participe comme juge à Wanted: Adventure Host. Enfin, de 2011 à 2013, elle anime une série sur la chasse, Goin' Country, à Versus. Actuellement, elle est propriétaire et animatrice de The Most Wanted List, une série télé du top 10, dont la sixième saison est en tournage.


Defender MAX Lonestar HD10


T"I love a stereo system in my rig. There’s nothing more fun than cruising in my Can-Am with the radio up! I love my Flip up windshield so the bugs don’t hit me in the face. One of my favorite is the wench to help pull out my big game if I need it after a long hunt! There’s too many favorites to list, I could go on for days...."

FAVORITE PLACE TO RIDE: My favorite place to ride would be in Claude Texas on our deer lease. It’s outside of Palo duro canyon and it has a lot of steep terrain, sand beds. Pastures etc... perfect for a little bit of everything. Plus we hunt out there so I use it to haul out my harvest!

BEST OFF-ROAD STORY: I don’t know how to pick one.... I will say that ever since I had a baby. My son Tillman (16 mo) is obsessed with riding in the defender. It’s his favorite thing to do. Anytime we go to the lease and go hunt and he’s mumbling “Broom Broom,” just waiting for the next ride in it it’s a great memory.

Otherwise here’s a short story-
One of my favorites is my husband, his friend and my best friend went hog hunting. She and I both shot a hog within 15 minutes of driving to Our spot. It was such a fun night, and We hauled off over 400# of hogs in the back, plus 4 people and a baby. It just cruises through everything with ease.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My biggest inspiration is my sister. She and her family have been through so much. They are missionaries and have the most amazing hearts and love for people. They serve God whole Heartedly and all 5 of their kids are the most amazing, God fearing and obedient kids you’ll see! It takes a certain person to live like she does and to have 100% faith. She inspires me to be a better person, give a little more, complain a little less, and she always tell me when I’m in the wrong. She is the type of person you NEED in your life because her light shines so bright it’s hard to ignore and it’s contagious. 

PHILOSOPHY ON LIFE: “ if you always do what you’ve always done. You’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

FAVORITE FOOD: Crab is my favorite food and a good ribeye steak. 

MUSIC TO RIDE TO: Nothing in particular either oldies, or Christian radio. Sometimes I may throw in one of my favorite songs from my album haha.

RACING ACCOMPLISHMENT: I have so many proud moments but one of the highest on my chart is finishing #7 on American Idol. That was a huge deal and a great experience. Also, I’d say securing 3 record deals in my life. I was proud of everyone of them because they are So hard to get in general!
The Most Wanted List TV host
Upcoming Barrel Racer

DREAM RIDING LOCATION: I want to ride anywhere the road takes me. I’m always game for the next adventure.