Don't leave home without these off-road essentials

Our ambassador Dustin gives you the best riding tips. Check out what essential items he always brings with him when going for a Can-Am Off-Road ride.

What are must-have accessories for SxS owners?

As a Can-Am Off-Road, Hubert gives you his riding best tips. Discover the top 5 accessories you should pick up to complete your Can-Am Off-Road experience.

What is a good trail riding etiquette?

Discover the basic rules of etiquette like always using hand signals for example or looking for signage on lands to know who owns the land that you are riding on.

How do you transport an off-road vehicle?

There are many ways to strap and move an ATV or SSV, here are a few recommendations from our ambassador Dustin Jones.

How should I ride on different types of terrain?

To help you navigate your next outing with your Can-Am Off-Road vehicle, we provide you few things to consider. Visit our website and learn more about it.

More essentials for new owners

Where can I find the Operator's Guide?

Discover Alex Templeton's first ride

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you still can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with your local dealer or reach out to us here!