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Can-Am Spyder 

Pre-Season Checklist

The weather is warming, and the open road is calling. It’s time to feed your passion for adventure with your Can-Am On-Road vehicle. Before you do, here are a few pre-ride tips to ensure you get the very most out of every mile. You can also refer to your Can-Am Spyder Owner’s Manual for a complete pre-ride checklist.

Pull the Cover

At last, the time is here to pull the cover off another season of epic memories with your Can-Am Spyder. If your ride has been in storage for a while, it’s time to pull the cover off it too. And if you blocked the exhaust from pests during storage, step one is removing those moth balls or that steel wool, so those exhaust notes can sing again.

Nothing gets you reacquainted with your ride like that first-of-the-year wash and polish. You want that showroom shine, but you don’t want the process to take up valuable riding time. Hey, we get it! It’s why XPS Roadster Wash is a simple spray and rinse solution safe for all Spyder finishes that will save you time, but still keep you and your ride looking your best.

Protecting that look is just as important. Finishing off your early season cleanse with XPS Spray Cleaner and Polish helps protect your Can-Am Spyder from any unwanted road grime, dust and harmful UV rays. (Note: Not for use on matte vehicle finishes.)

Charge It Up

If you’ve had your Can-Am Spyder in long-term storage, hopefully you remembered to connect the battery to a battery maintainer (or trickle charger). If not, you’ll want to charge your battery and make sure it maintains its charge.

If your battery no longer holds a charge, it’s time to replace the battery. If it’s charged and holding, you’re ready to connect it to your Can-Am Spyder.

Oil, Filter and Fluid Change

If you didn’t change the oil in your Can-Am engine when you put it away for storage, now is the

time. Your local Can-Am On-Road dealer can easily perform this service. If you’re more of a DIYer, the XPS Complete Oil Change Kit conveniently has everything you need in one box. The kit includes XPS synthetic blend oil, filter, o-rings and washer. It’s available at your local dealer or online and can be delivered right to your door, saving you time and money to get you on the open road faster.

Pre-season maintenance is also the perfect time to double-check other fluids such as brake fluid, coolant and clutch fluid. Check for evidence of any leaks wherever you had your vehicle stored.

Pre-Ride Inspection

With your Spyder washed and polished, fluids checked, and battery charged, it’s almost time to feel the breeze of the open road again. A thorough check to make sure your vehicle is in safe operating conditions is all that stands between you and miles of fun. Detailed information on each step can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Check the following before starting your Can-Am Spyder:

1. Tires, wheels and lug nuts – Inspect tires for sufficient tread and proper inflation. Inspect tires for any damage and ensure lug nuts and rear axel nut are securely tightened.

2. Inspect drive belt – Look for any tears, cuts, punctures or missing teeth. Check for proper alignment.

3. Check storage compartment covers – Ensure each securely closes.

4. Clean and adjust mirrors.

5. Check brake pedal – Make sure you can feel resistance when brake pedal is pressed, and the pedal returns fully when released.

6. Throttle handle – Twist several times to ensure it moves freely and returns to idle position when released.

7. Clutch lever (SM6 Models) – Adjust lever for your personal comfort. Squeeze to ensure normal operation and that the lever fully returns when released.

8. Gear shift selector (SE6 Models) – Ensure it operates normally in both directions and returns to center when released.

9. Weight – Total load (operator, passenger, cargo and accessories) must not exceed recommended vehicle load specifications. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for proper specifications.

10. Pneumatic suspension (F3-T Models) – Inspect for proper inflation.

Check the following with ignition key in the ON position:

1. Multifunction gauge – Check to make sure all gauge displays, indicators, messages and fuel level are working. If any warning lights remain on, consult your local Can-Am On Road dealer.

2. Lights – Check that headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights and hazard signals are working properly.

3. Check for proper horn operation.

4. Steering – Start engine and ensure steering moves freely and easily.

5. Ensure engine stop switch functions properly.

6. Parking brake – With engine running, release parking brake and make sure the brake indicator light on the gauge turns off.

7. Brake – Slowly drive the vehicle forward a short distance on level ground and apply the brakes to ensure proper function.


Once you’ve completed the above, you’re ready to ride! If questions arise at anytime throughout the pre-ride inspection, consult your local Can-Am On-Road dealer for assistance.