Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Current ride: Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

He’s known as the “Stud of the Sea,” and is a superyacht captain on Bravo’s hit show Below Deck, but Captain Lee enjoys spending his time on shore riding his Can-Am Spyder RT with his wife of 45 years, Mary Ann.

Any pets?

Yes, we do have a rescue dog named Oscar.

What is your dream riding destination?

Providing the traffic wouldn’t be too bad, I would love to drive to Carmel down through Big Sur or up into wine country.

Tell us a fun fact about you

I didn’t start doing Below Deck until I was into my 60s, which is one hell of a time for a career change, right?

Your favorite food

A medium-rare rib-eye steak with a loaded baked potato.

Your favorite genre of music

I love classic rock 'n' roll!

Tell us your philosophy of life

You can’t ever go wrong by doing the right thing. Do the right thing, it may not be easy or comfortable, but it's still the right thing.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not out there riding?

I’m usually enjoying the great outdoors and seeing new places from a unique perspective.