XPS vehicle maintenance list - Can-Am On-Road

Whether you keep them in a bucket, on a shelf or somewhere else, XPS lubricants, maintenance and cleaning products are the best way to keep your on-road vehicle performing up to its fullest potential and looking its showroom best.

With a full lineup of everything you need from daily ride prep to long-term storage and DIY maintenance, XPS products are engineered to exceed the needs of even the most demanding riders and conditions on the planet.

Here’s our list of must-haves for your bucket:

XPS Carbon Free Fuel Treatment – Keeps fuel delivery system clean for crisp throttle response. Protects against damaging ethanol fuel.

XPS All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser – Perfect way to remove stubborn exhaust stains and grime from break dust. Safe for use on metal and plastic surfaces.

XPS Bug Cleaner – Safely and quickly remove insects and tar from your ride.

XPS Road Grime Wash – Cleans what traditional bucket washing doesn’t. The perfect solution for removing grease, oil and brake dust.

What’s on your list?

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