2018 Road Warrior Ride: Cruising through the Southwest


    Since 2014, Can-Am has been the title sponsor of the Road Warrior Foundation and is proud to support this organization’s mission of providing adventures to military veterans.

    This year, the riders crossed various regions of the United States, from San Jose in California to Boerne in Texas. All experienced one of the most memorable adventures of their lives. During this nine-day trip, they felt the incredible healing power of riding on the open road.

    Introducing the 2019 Can-Am Ryker


    Experience a #RideLikeNoOther with the brand new Can-Am Ryker! Easy to start, easy to ride, and easy on the wallet, you’ll be able to enjoy the roads ahead and the freedom you’ll find at every stop along the way!

    This Summer’s Must-See Destinations

    Summer is well on its way, so we've put together an overview of some of the most beautiful North American routes that you can explore this summer! Pull on your helmet, grab your jacket, get on your Can-Am Spyder, and head out on a little adventure; the road is open to you!

    Summer 2018 must-have riding gear

    Spring has barely sprung and you're already planning your summer rides, because the summer season is just around the corner! Get ready for amazingly comfortable full-day rides: discover accessories and driving gear that fit your style perfectly no matter what weather.


    Warm up to cool weather clothing and accessories

    Autumn leaves have begun to fall, and temperatures have started to drop as well. But don’t go thinking the alarm has sounded for storing your Can-Am Spyder. On the contrary! Fall is a wonderful season to travel winding roads lined with flamboyantly coloured trees. All you need is a few extra layers to keep you warm.