Spyder Bluetooth Communication System

    Sometimes you want to get away from it all and just enjoy the ride with some tunes on your Can-Am Spyder ST or Spyder RT. Other times, you want to be connected to your passenger, fellow riders or, unfortunately, the office. The Can-Am Bluetooth Communication System enables you to do all that, wirelessly.



    Lamont Bryden

    Living in eastern Tennessee, you really don't know what to expect from winter, and this year was a cold and wet one with quite a bit of snow mixed in. I always look forward to Daytona Bike Week, as it is the kickoff for the riding season for most of us on the east coast. You have to understand that I moved to eastern Tennessee in 2002 from San Diego, and we pretty much rode year round there. When I moved here, I had never seen or been restricted by the seasons before. But I wouldn’t trade living here for anything. The only season we had in San Diego was Fire Season. 


    Tailor Your Can-Am Spyder ST Roadster for the Long Haul

    The new-for-2013 Can-Am Spyder ST roadster artfully blends sports performance and style with long-haul comfort. And while we offer trim packages with different equipment combinations, we know that each roadster rider is unique and wants to make their roadster their own. 

    That’s why we develop accessories that add function and style at the same time that we develop the vehicles. Meaning that even in its first year, we have a great collection of items for the Spyder ST model to fit how you ride.