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A great meeting of minds

Aug, 14 2019

Road bike enthusiasts are very familiar with Nolan, a global leader in the helmet industry. Their products incorporate advanced features in safety, design, comfort and technology. We are pleased to partner with this quality brand and present the Can-Am helmet line-up by Nolan. We’ve selected several models to meet your style preferences and performance needs.

Sleek and retro: the open face helmet

The retro-inspired N21 helmet is a perfect example of minimalism design. Adopt an urban style that sets you apart. With all the advantages these Nolan helmets have to offer, no wonder they’re among our most popular models.

A different style for every occasion: the crossover helmet

Crossover helmets are the ultimate in concept and design. After years of research and trials, Nolan created versatile helmets that transform to suit every situation. The quick-change accessories of the N40 model let you adjust your helmet’s look and features into eight possible configurations to perfectly fit your needs. As for the N44, it’s lightweight and aerodynamic to ensure better stability at higher speeds and offers six different configurations.

Performance and comfort: modular and full face helmets

The modular helmet is very popular among Can-Am Spyder riders. Its lightweight shell and anti-scratch/anti-fog sun visor ensure the N140 EVO model’s comfort. As for the N86 full face helmet, its impressive quality production and design guarantee aerodynamic superiority.

A helmet that says it all

Rider-passenger helmet-to-helmet communications are a must for enjoyable rides, so most Can-Am helmets by Nolan are compatible with the Nolan N-Com communication system. It fits easily into the helmet and allows you to maintain contact despite background noise, wind, and the roar of the engine.

By working together, Nolan and Can-Am confirm their commitment to design, technology, and innovation. Can-Am helmets by Nolan provide you with unequalled comfort and pleasure on the road. Don’t wait a moment longer, grab your helmet and ride with complete peace of mind!


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