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Customize your Can-Am Spyder - Get the Break Free look

Aug, 14 2019

The Can-Am Spyder 4U Guide allows you to tailor your vehicle to your personal needs and driving style. Discover how to make your ride more exciting than ever by adopting the Break Free style. If you love both performance and long rides, this is the look for you, giving your Can-Am Spyder F3-S greater storage and comfort on the highway.


Comfort on the highway

First, let's talk comfort! When you’re on the road for hours, it’s important to be comfortable on your Can-Am Spyder. You‘ll really appreciate the aerodynamics of the Blue Ridge windshield: made of transparent polycarbonate, it gives you excellent visibility and protects you from the wind. How much you love your ride can depend in large part on your seat. That's why we offer the Cannonball seat: it installs in minutes and offers extra padding plus a more spacious seating surface. Its high-end stitching pattern also adds plenty of style to your vehicle. And for optimum comfort, pair your seat with a detachable driver backrest. Its comfortable width and height provide exceptional lumbar support. It’s compatible with all Can-Am Spyder F3 models, and installs and removes in minutes.



Let yourself be guided

Trust the Garmin† Zumo† 590 navigation system to get to your destination. Spoken directions can be heard in-helmet via Bluetooth technology. And not only does it offer wireless technology, this rugged GPS withstands fuel vapors, UV rays, and harsh weather. Do you like to hit the road to the sound of your favourite music? The Garmin† Zumo† 590 is equipped with an MP3 player compatible with iPod, iPhone, and Pandora systems. And you need never be surprised by rain or traffic again, thanks to its app that provides you with live weather radar and traffic information. Lovers of winding rides will be thrilled to hear that it also has the "Curvy Roads routing" option, so you can opt to take more adventurous routes.



Never leave anything behind

Add storage to your Can-Am Spyder F3-S with SHAD saddlebags. Lightweight, fully waterproof, and impact-resistant, they’re easy to install with the SHAD Saddlebag F3 Rack, and they’re perfectly sized to store everything, even a full-face helmet. Complete them with SHAD Saddlebag liners so you can empty your saddlebags with absolute ease once when you arrive at your destination. With their integrated carrying handle and shoulder strap, they let you carry all your belongings with you.



Life isn’t a straight line, so dare to explore its detours. Every kilometre travelled on your Can-Am Spyder is one more memory to savour forever. And our accessories are there to make your experience even more memorable!

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