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October 2012

Date: October 12, 2012

Faran Hearyman

I confess that I have an inner Road Warrior that’s just dying to get out. You know, the one who can take off on a whim to go see the Black Hills of South Dakota or join some friends in a spontaneous “200 Miles to Lunch” ride. There are people like that, not the least of which are our own Fred and Lamonster. There are also people like Spyder owner widowmaker2011, from He took delivery of his 2012 Can-Am® Spyder ®RT Limited on a Tuesday and 36 hours later ended up in Southern Florida. We’re talking serious churn-up-the-road riders. 

With young kids still in the house and a full-time job like many of you, my Road Warrior days are just in my dreams. So I’ve learned to really appreciate every day riding. Sometimes those small, random miles turn into mini-adventures of their own. You know, when the well-intended quick trip to the grocery store for orange juice took an extra 30 minutes because you just HAD to take the scenic route home.

A few weekends ago, I had one of those everyday adventures. My Saturday morning started off early so I could go for a run before my husband and kids even woke up. I took the Spyder into nearby Searcy to take advantage of the track at Harding University (and got my best 3-mile time, too!). I’ve been wearing my BRP Caliber jacket and pants, both of which have zippered vents to control airflow. They’re great because I put them on top of my exercise wear. And the pants zip all the way down the leg so I can easily slip them on or off over my shorts and shoes.

I hopped back on the Spyder roadster after cooling down and decided to take—you guessed it—the long way home. It was not a particularly memorable road I chose that early August morning, but the air was unusually cool and crisp. And the slowly brightening day made for an excellent ride. I was just zipping through a little town called Velvet Ridge when I noticed them. Two teenagers at a small town church holding a handmade sign advertising a carwash.

How could I turn down a carwash for a good cause?

I was happy for ABS brakes that day because I put them to the test as I slowed down fast to pull into the parking lot. Turns out they were having a fundraiser to stock up for a food pantry supporting the local community. And just like Fred’s experience, these kids were extremely enthusiastic about washing my Can-Am Spyder RS-S rather than some ol’ farm truck. I grinned when I saw them using my favorite drying method—the leaf blower.

The big boys (ahem, men) asked all kinds of questions and told me they had entered a contest to win a Can-Am Spyder while on a trip to Branson recently. I offered to let them take a short ride around the parking lot, but one shook his head ruefully, “I’d better not. I’ll probably like it too much and I already have too many toys.” However, that didn’t stop him and the other boys from at least getting their picture taken on it. A boy, about 4 years old, exclaimed loudly, “This is the best carwash EVER!”

Everyone posing with the Spyder

Soon my spotless Spyder and I were on our way down a slightly more scenic highway with sweet-smelling horse farms and not so aromatic chicken farms. Not long after, I was back home and even with my detour, walked in the house before the family was up. Running three miles and riding even a mere 40-50 miles helps keep this momma’s head on straight with a smile on her face. I’ll be content for now to call myself a Road Warrior in training. But some day…