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June 2013

Date: June 24, 2013

Can-Am Spyder Team

We all ride BRP vehicles in the outdoors.  That means riding gear that protects you from the elements and keeps you comfortable is a necessity. In recent years, we have embraced the next generation of waterproof/breathable technologies for our top of the line riding gear, SympaTex. 

We use the SympaTex membrane in Can-Am roadster, Can-Am off-road and Ski-Doo snowmobile outerwear.  Since most people
in North America just don’t know about Sympatex, we talked with Kathleen Rathe, BRP Product Coordinator for Parts, Accessories, Clothing, to help you get more familiar with it and to understand why it’s so good.

BRP: What is SympaTex?

Kathleen Rathe: 
It’s a technology we use to make
certain outerwear 100% waterproof and windproof, yet breathable.  It’s a membrane that is adhered in between the outer fabric and an inner fabric before cutting and sewing it into a garment.

BRP: Why is the breathability important to a Can-Am Spyder rider?

 When you’re riding, you may sweat. 

It may be hot out, you may be carving corners, or the weather may change as you go from valley to mountain pass, or sun to shade.  If that sweat stays next to your skin, you can get chilled and uncomfortable. 

Breathability ensures that sweat evaporates out of the jacket
quickly.  The SympaTex membrane enables that to happen very effectively.

BRP: How does SympaTex work?

 Sweat vapor is absorbed by fibers in the membrane and then evaporated out. And here’s a remarkable trait – the higher the humidity and temperature inside the garment, the better the SympaTex membrane is at getting the sweat to escape.  That’s a major advantage over other technologies.  We say the harder you work, the harder it works. 

BRP: Are their other advantages to SympaTex besides greater breathability?

 Several.  It is a non-porous membrane, meaning there
are no holes.  You don’t have to worry about the holes becoming clogged and reducing breathability.  Its performance is unaffected by dirt, oil, or washing detergents.  It also does not degrade after many, many washings.

It also stretches to 300% of its original size. 

Not that you’re going to blow it up like a balloon, but it means that it maintains its performance in high areas that you bend all the time, like knees and seats.

BRP: What about the seams?  Can water penetrate a jacket or pants or gloves through the seams?

Yes, those areas could allow moisture in, but all our garments with SympaTex have 100% of the seams and logos sealed and are tested by SympaTex in a punishing rain chamber to make sure they keep you dry.

BRP: How does it stack up durability-wise?

So well that we stand behind all our SympaTex gear with a lifetime guarantee.

BRP: What types of gear for Can-Am Spyder roadster riders does BRP offer?

 We have three main products that utilize SympaTex.

The Kavalier jacket and pants is our top-of-the-line gear with
many, many features and a heavy-duty Cordura fabric.  We also use many other technologies to keep riders comfortable, like Outlast, which uses fibers fused with 99.9% pure silver, and a coating on the black fabric that improves the thermal balance.  It’s available for men only.

The Tech Plus Series also use the SympaTex and is for both men and women. These jackets and pants are very versatile, with the ability to zip-in a fleece jacket in cooler weather and mesh pockets for inserting back, elbow and shoulder protectors.

And we have men’s SympaTex gloves for cooler conditions.

BRP: Thanks for your time,


Can-Am Spyder riding gear with SympaTex is available at
your authorized BRP dealer, or