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Want to learn how to ride? We’ve gathered info every rider-to-be should be aware of. Learn about getting your 3-wheel license and get information on the Rider Education Program.

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Before you head out on the road, there’s lots you need to know

Powerful and high-performance vehicles require special skills and knowledge. We’ve gathered all the informative videos here to ensure your journey is as safe as possible.

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Learn how to operate your Can-Am On-Road vehicle courtesy of our informational and instructive video content.

Riding a Can-Am On-Road vehicle is exciting, but safety should also be a top priority. Our experts have compiled video tips that’ll make your next trip the safest it can possibly be. Ready, set, learn!

Rider Education Program

Kick off your riding journey by taking the essentials of riding with you.

The best way to learn about riding? Our Rider Education Program! You’ll learn how to start riding and get licensed easily. Plus, you’ll learn the essentials of riding in a safe and controlled environment with the supervision of a certified instructor to guide you.

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The road to obtaining a 3-wheel license has never been easier. Sign up for a class at a location near you and learn the ins and outs of the On-Road experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can-Am On-Road models are classified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as three-wheeled motorcycles. We at Can-Am feel that On-Road 3-wheeled models give owners the performance of a motorcycle and much of the peace of mind of a convertible sports car.

Please check out the Learn to Ride and Owner Zone sections on our website, they have a ton of information for riders including upcoming events, classes, riding groups and educational tools!

Lincensing requirements are different throughout the world. Most places in Europe require a valid car licence to operate Can-Am On-Road models while in North America many jurisdictions require a valid motorcycle or three-wheel licence. To be sure of your requirements, contact your local authorities to obtain the licence and vehicle registration information that applies to you. You can also find some information in the Licensing Requirements section of our website here.

Can-Am On-Road models turn much like a Can-Am ATV, Sea-Doo personal watercraft or Ski-Doo snowmobile - riders steer the vehicle through the turn. There is no counter steering or leaning like you would with a motorcycle. Can-Am On-Road models also feature DPS (Dynamic Power Steering) to provide steering assistance according to speed and user input.

You can find detailed information about suspension adjustments in the Adjusting Suspension section in the Operator’s Guide. Adjustable suspension is not available on all models, so please review your manual carefully. Otherwise, feel free to contact your authorized dealership, they'll be happy to provide you with additional information and assistance.

Helmet requirements for a Can-Am On-Road vehicle are the same as motorcycle requirements and vary by location. Even though helmet requirements are not universal, BRP always recommends that everybody wears a helmet while riding any Can-Am On-Road model!

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