Looking for exhilaration

    Thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, this is the list for you! We’ve put together an overview of some of the most beautiful North American and international routes to ride. Whether you’re a fan of mountains, the seaside, or picturesque scenery, get on your Can-Am Spyder, and open your road!

    Speedway Inspiration

    The bold look of the Can-Am Spyder F3-S is designed for those who really want to stand out on the road. You definitely won’t go unnoticed with this sporty silhouette inspired by the legendary Daytona International Speedway track. For an ultimate experience, customize your vehicle with the 4U Guide, which includes a wide variety of options for modifying your Can-Am Spyder according to the functions, style, and performance you desire.



    2016 gift giving inspiration

    We’ve all been feeling the Holiday spirit for days! But with everything there is to do at this time of year, you may need a hand to find the perfect gifts. Look no further: here’s a list of suggestions for him and for her that should help you out.


    Warm up to cool weather clothing and accessories

    Autumn leaves have begun to fall, and temperatures have started to drop as well. But don’t go thinking the alarm has sounded for storing your Can-Am Spyder. On the contrary! Fall is a wonderful season to travel winding roads lined with flamboyantly coloured trees. All you need is a few extra layers to keep you warm.


    LIVE Blog - The Road Warrior Ride 2016

    For the third consecutive year, BRP is teaming up with the Road Warrior Foundation and its annual cross-country Road Warrior Ride benefiting U.S. Veterans.