72 hours leading up to Dakar

Preppin’ for the unknown!

Episode 1 of Can-Am’s new Off-Road Livin’ Series

Ep1 of Can-Am’s new Off-Road Livin’ Series reveals Molly Taylor in the 72 hours leading up to her biggest career challenge as the first Australian woman to race Dakar.

We follow Australia’s newest motorsports star, Molly Taylor (33)

The former Australian Rally Champion (2016) has seen positive early returns on the high-profile Extreme E off-road series in 2021 and in July made her first foray in Can-Am— in the days leading up to her first time at the Dakar Rally, unanimously regarded as the world’s toughest race that spans a week and 5,000 miles.

See Molly’s physical & mental strength, her teamwork skills & the attention to detail required to prep for 8000km over 14 days of harsh, desert terrain. As an Australian Rally champion she’s got the talent - but as all first timers quickly learn, no one is ever really prepared for Dakar. Subscribe & see all the action first

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