What are the various categories of 3-wheel vehicle?

What are the various categories of 3-wheel vehicle?

Each motorcycle has a different function. Check out all the categories of 3-wheel vehicle to find the one best suited to your needs. From short daily trips to expeditions lasting several days, Can-Am has the model for you.



Looking for a simple, functional 3-wheel vehicle that’s suitable for your everyday journeys? Then choose a roadster! Roadsters have a sleek design with no fairings—hence their “naked” moniker—and increased speed and power as a result. They can be used in town or on the open road. As the perfect combination of a sport model and street motorcycle, roadsters are ideally suited to day-to-day use but are certainly not sluggish when the throttle is opened. If a roadster is what you need, the Can-Am Ryker is just the 3-wheel vehicle you’re looking for.




Tourers are a subcategory of street motorcycle that are specially designed for long road trips. This holds particularly true for GTs, developed for several days of hassle-free travel. Priority is given to comfort with equipment such as heated seats and long footpegs. They also have a vast stowage capacity to hold all your belongings. At Can-Am, the Spyder RT is the epitome of GT excellence.




Sport motorcycles are street-legal versions of the models used for racing. With their light, all-purpose design, they are capable of rapid bursts of acceleration on the open road although their power is restricted (106 metric horsepower in the UK). Unlike roadsters, sport touring motorcycles are fitted with a high-level saddle that lifts the rider to handlebar height, forcing him or her to adopt a frog-like semiprone position.
The Can-Am Spyder F3-S Special Series will bring a sporty style to your desire to ride.




Stripped of their fairings like roadsters, cruisers are also called customs as they offer many options to add that personal touch. Invented in the USA in the 1960s, this category of motorcycle is extremely attractive to fans with a taste for the vintage. This novice-friendly vehicle is ridden with the feet forward. Being lighter than a tourer, they are generally quicker and easier to handle. The Can-Am Spyder F3, halfway between a cruiser and a roadster, offers all the benefits of traditional cruisers.




Dual-purpose machines can be used both on- and off-road. They fall into three subgroups:

  • The Ryker Rally: a versatile 3-wheel vehicle for use on gravel paths, paved roads or urban streets. A light, easy-to-use vehicle fitted with knobby all-terrain tires.
  • Adventure: comparable to tourers by its ability to cover long distances, this is a machine designed essentially for the road that prioritizes safety and top-level comfort.
  • Supermotard: a revisited trials bike fitted with high suspension and wheel rims designed to tackle the roughest terrain.


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