How can you safely ride with a passenger on your 3-wheel vehicle?

A passenger should ONLY be carried on your Can-Am Spyder or Can-Am Ryker model if it has a specific seat for a passenger. All Can-Am Ryker models require the addition of an accessory passenger seat, some Can-Am Spyder models come standard with passenger seats and all can add one as an accessory item.


When carrying a passenger, the driver must be aware of how the added weight and the change in placement of that weight will affect the vehicle handling & behavior. Having a passenger will move the total weight to the rear of the machine and up higher, making the vehicle not as stable, nor will it have as good of traction on the front tires. You will want to check your vehicle’s Operator’s Guide as some models will require the adjustment of the spring on the rear tire shock absorber to accommodate the added weight of the passenger. This is important to maintain proper vehicle balance and keep the rear of the machine from squatting, which can unload the weight on the front tires, thus reducing your handling response and capability.

You will also find it helpful to instruct the passenger on the concept of leaning their body weight slightly into the corners as you do to provide a more stable ride and better enjoyment of the dynamics of the cornering forces. Drivers and passengers will all find their ride experience to be more enjoyable as they become engaged & act in this manner, all while increasing the safety of the ride as well. Make sure your passenger also wears the appropriate safety gear, specifically a helmet, eye protection, gloves, boots, full length pants and a protective jacket. Discourage passengers from wearing minimal clothing – tennis shoes, sandals, shorts and t-shirts are not going to protect you in case of the unexpected!

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