The Shoe Surgeon x Can-Am

The Can-Am team is collaborating with The Shoe Surgeon, a world-renowned Los Angeles-based group of creatives who are global trendsetters in the unique craft of custom shoe making and design.

Proud Heritage

Embodying 50 years of adventure, freedom, and performance in dark tone with accents of red and gold.

This Shoe Surgeon creation echoes the spirit of Can-Am’s proud heritage of quality and commitment to absolute authenticity. Each shoe is carefully hand-crafted, and like each Ryker and rider, unique.


Reflecting Can-Am’s commitment to individuality and inclusivity by combining leathers, colors, and textures.

The Shoe Surgeon understands our core values; individuality and the belief that the road is open to all – expertly combining them into a Ryker shoe counterpart with design cues taken from our 3-wheel world.

Pure Passion

Capturing the essence of Can-Am’s love of riding through a striking blend of colors and materials.

Sporting a remarkable look & feel, this Shoe Surgeon creation brings to life a combination of materials and colors that speak to Can-Am’s unbridled love of riding and peace-of-mind on the open road.

Finding a perfect match can open the doors to inspiration. Get in gear and explore the fruits of this creative collaboration.

Heritage Ryker

Gold and red accentuate its darker tones, coloring a celebration of 50 years of dynamic Can-Am history.

Customized front & side panel design, reflectors, shock struts, and the iconic Ryker front grille pay tribute to our rich heritage, riding on a design tradition that’s as elegant as it is exciting.

Inclusivity Ryker

A bold spectrum of colors and design lend an air of open arms to the open road, inviting all to share the excitement.

We rethought and reworked the styling of several of Ryker’s design components, details that together pay homage to Can-Am’s mission to ensure the open road is accessible, inclusive, and inviting.

Passion Ryker

Unconventional yet familiar, its design celebrates the ride, the road, and the love that binds them forever.

From the accent panels to details like the front grill, struts & shocks, and even the reflectors, Can-Am’s love of open road excitement and freedom and the peace-of-mind it imparts fuel this Ryker’s design.

Can-Am donated a fully customized Can-Am Ryker to the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation in its effort to help raise awareness and money toward fighting intimidation.

Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation

With the choice of our cause, we have chosen to bring our network and resources together to fight intimidation.

The donated “Inclusivity” package, designed and built by the world-renowned Shoe Surgeon, represents Can-Am’s dedication to promoting inclusivity in its mission to make the open road accessible to all. The patchwork design portrays how each person’s individuality plays a role to create something bigger and beautiful.

Experience the Inspiration

What came first? The shoe, or the Ryker? Truth is they were inspired by the same values.

Inclusivity Ryker 2023
Original Ryker 2023


Heritage Ryker 2023
Original Ryker 2023


Inclusivity Ryker 2023
Original Ryker 2023

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