BRP GO! is your one-stop shop for all your connectivity experience with your three-wheel vehicle. The BRP GO! app includes the BRP Connect technology that allows you to use some of your favorite apps directly on the 7.8" wide LCD display and 10.25" touchscreen display of your Can-Am vehicle. An integrated step-by-step guide is also available in the app to ensure that you properly connect your phone to your vehicle.

BRP GO! supports devices with Apple iOS 15+ or Android 8.0 (Pie)+ operation systems.

The following languages are supported by BRP GO!: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Japanese and Dutch.

BRP GO!'s language automatically follows the default language of the smartphone. It is not possible to change the language of the app manually within the BRP GO! app, only from the language menu of the smartphone’s operating system.

BRP GO! is available free of charge on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Some third-party apps (compatible with BRP Connect) may require a subscription or purchase.

BRP GO! is a mobile app while BRP Connect is a technology that allows some mobile apps to be used on the vehicle display. BRP Connect technology is integrated into the BRP GO! app.

Only the 7.8" display supports app-mirroring on Can-Am Spyder vehicles through the BRP GO! app. You will be able to control certain functions through the handlebars. Your phone and USB cable are required for this setup.

For the 10.25" display, Apple CarPlay is available for iPhone users to access mobile apps on the vehicle display.

See the section on BRP Connect in this FAQ page for more info on compatible vehicles, setup and more.

It is not necessary to create an account to use the BRP GO! app. However, some features of the app (such as saving a ride and adding friends) require you to be logged in with an account for them to work. For the best experience, we therefore recommend that you create or log into your account.

At this time, we have not developed our own navigation app for the On-Road playground as we offer a bunch of quality third-party apps that offer this kind of functionality. We invite you to use the mobile apps compatible with BRP Connect to enjoy a unique navigation experience directly in your vehicle’s cluster.

Some web browsers (such as MI and DuckDuckGo) are not compatible with the BRP login and account creation tool, which makes it impossible to open the login page when a phone has one of these browsers by default. The solution is to change the default browser of the device to use another browser (for example: Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

To change the default browser on your Android device:
1. Go to the phone Settings
2. Go to Apps
3. Go to Manage Apps
4. Tap on “...” (upper right)
5. Go to Default Apps
6. Go to Browser
7. Select “Chrome” (or any other browser)

To change the default browser on your iOS device:
1. Go to phone Settings
2. Scroll down until you find the browser app
3. Tap the app
4. Tap "Default Browser App"
5. Select a web browser to set it as the default.


BRP Connect is the software running on certain Can-Am On-Road vehicle displays. This technology allows screen mirroring of some compatible mobile apps, such as BRP GO!.

No, BRP GO!'s compatible apps can't be used on the new 10.25" touchscreen display.

However, Apple CarPlay is available on the 10.25" touchscreen display. That means that iPhone users can use many mobile apps on this new display, such as Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and more.

Useful apps for the On-Road playground that are compatible with BRP Connect*:
- REVER: Discover the best places to ride, create custom routes and record rides to share with your friends
- Genius Maps: Premium GPS navigation app for offline route planning, exploration and navigation
- FOBO Bike 2: World's first all Bluetooth smart tire pressure monitoring system
- Sygic GPS Navigation: World-class GPS navigation app to guide you safely to your destination even without an internet connection
- EatSleepRIDE (only available on iOS): Connect with people in over 130 countries for route sharing, group rides and safety tips
- Dash Radio: Premium radio with zero commercials and 100% free
- Cardo Connect: The highest quality, longest distance reception a motorcycle communication system can offer

Please note that the list of compatible apps may differ in your country, depending on the availability of these apps in your region. You will find apps that are installed on your phone AND compatible with BRP Connect (under "My apps") and the list of BRP Connect-compatible apps that are not currently installed on your phone (under "Other compatible apps").

Google (Waze and Google Maps) and Apple (Apple Maps) have not made their apps available to BRP Connect at this time.

These apps can be used on the new 10.25" touchscreen through Apple CarPlay.

You must first ensure your smartphone device is properly paired to the vehicle via Bluetooth and properly connected via the USB cable.

Once in the standard gauge view, you can easily toggle between the standard and the BRP Connect views by using the phone button located close to the index on the left handlebar. Alternatively, you can press the center portion of the joystick to access the gauge’s menu. BRP Connect is located at the top of the menu.

Holding down the center button will show the BRP Connect home screen where another app can be selected.

It is not possible to use the smartphone once it is connected to BRP Connect because the handset automatically goes into ‘’lock’’ mode.

If you decide to use your smartphone while it is connected to BRP Connect, you will not be able to use BRP Connect on your vehicle. In case you are using your phone and BRP Connect quits on your vehicle, open the BRP GO! app on your phone and your phone will go back in "lock" mode.

Yes. Any smartphone that has the BRP GO! app can connect with a vehicle supporting BRP Connect. Please note the phone must also establish a Bluetooth connection.

The BRP Connect app has been removed from Apple Store and Google Play Store since the integration of BRP Connect technology into BRP GO!, but you may still have the BRP Connect app on your phone if you never deleted it.

In this case, the BRP Connect app still works on vehicles. However, it will not be possible for you to use the BRP GO! Navigation features from the BRP Connect app. Also, this app is also no longer updated, so it may contain issues that have been fixed in the BRP GO! app.

We strongly suggest removing the BRP Connect app and only using the BRP GO! app. BRP GO! offers the most up-to-date experience.


1- Download the BRP GO! app on your phone.
2- Pair your phone to your vehicle display via Bluetooth (see next question for steps).
3- Make sure that your phone is unlocked and that the BRP GO! app is open on your device.
4- Connect your phone to the vehicle via the USB cable (the USB connector is located in the glovebox). Once the connection is successful, a black screen will appear on your phone.
5- Open "BRP Connect" on your vehicle display (by selecting "BRP Connect" in the main menu or by pressing the "Phone" button on the keypad).

Here is a video that summarizes all the steps of the connection process.

On your vehicle display:
1- Start your vehicle and short press the joystick to access Menu
2- Wait for the hourglass icon (located at bottom left of the right screen) to disappear from the screen
3- Go down and select “Settings”
4- Select “Bluetooth"
5- Select “Phone”
6- Select “Add Phone”. The display will then search for the device.

On your phone:
7- Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings
8- Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on
9- Select "BRP Connect" in the list of available devices
10- A confirmation number will appear on the display and on the phone. Make sure the numbers match.
11- Press Pair on your phone and select the green check mark on the vehicle display
12- Allow Contacts and Favorite Sync on your phone

Please note that:
- The pairing process can only be done when the vehicle is not moving.
- The pairing process only happens one time, as the display will automatically recognize and connect your phone the next times.

- Make sure that your phone is not locked and that BRP GO! is open on your phone when connecting it to the USB cable.
- Make sure that you use a good quality USB cable (i.e. the one usually provided by your phone's manufacturer).
- Make sure there is no water or snow on the ends of the USB cable.
- If you have an Android device, make sure that the "Appear on top" permission has been enabled for BRP GO! (Phone Settings > Apps > BRP GO! > Appear on top > On). Make sure also that the "Nearby devices" and "Phone" permissions are allowed for BRP GO! (Settings > Apps > BRP GO! > Permissions).
- If you have the 7.8" wide LCD display, make sure that your phone is paired to the vehicle via Bluetooth.
- If you have an iPhone 15, you must connect your phone with a USB-A to USB-C cable (supporting 3.0 fast charging protocol) or use a USB-C to USB-A adapter with your USB cable that came with your iPhone 15.

You can connect your phone in the glove compartment. The Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited and RT Limited packages have a USB input available in their rear cargo, but that input is offered to provide a phone charge to a second phone and is not compatible with BRP Connect.

We recommend using the manufacturer's original USB cable to connect your smartphone to the vehicle. Often, unstable connection issues between your phone and the vehicle display are caused by a poor quality USB cable.

This process only affects iPhone devices. You must do the following:
1- Select the app you wish to unlock.
2- Confirm you want to use this app via BRP Connect (this confirmation is performed on your vehicle’s display).
3- Confirm once again you wish to use this app via BRP Connect (this second confirmation is performed on your smartphone).
This approval process is required for all apps except the Music and Genius Map apps.

No, if the phone is already paired, it will reconnect automatically after 30–45 seconds once the key is in the “On” position. The cluster can remember up to five devices. The last phone connected has priority over the others if more than one paired device is near the vehicle.

Once your phone is connected to BRP Connect, your phone will be in "locked" mode (black screen with a checkmark) and it will not be possible to use your device.

If you decide to use your phone while it is connected to BRP Connect, you will not be able to use BRP Connect on your vehicle. If this situation occurs and you want to put BRP Connect back on the display, simply reopen the BRP GO! app foreground on your phone and the connection to BRP Connect will be reestablished (if your phone is still connected to Bluetooth and USB cable).

Yes. You will need to unlock your phone and open the BRP GO! app before each connection (open the app before plugging in the USB cable).

To learn more about the Can-Am displays, visit the following web pages:
- 10.25" touchscreen display
- 7.8" LCD color display