Meet BRP GO!

A smartphone app for riders

We’ve merged BRP Connect and BRP GO! into a single app for an improved user experience. You’ll have access to the same ride-enhancing tools, like navigation or music connectivity while enjoying its new look on your Can-Am Spyder vehicle.

BRP Connect technology

Smartphone apps as you ride

BRP Connect™ ‡ : making things crystal clear

Access different vehicle-optimized smartphone apps on your Can-Am Spyder. Get directions with Genius Map†, listen to your favorite songs with Dash Radio†, share experiences with your community with REVER†, and more — all while enjoying your ride.


We’ve consolidated everything you need for all your powersport vehicles into BRP GO!. With the integration of BRP Connect technology in BRP GO!, you can benefit from a fully integrated experience.


BRP GO! contains a built-in step-by-step guide to help you connect your phone to your vehicle. This helps you harness the technology you love in a more streamlined system.

New, improved

BRP GO! is engineered with improved features and functionality. What’s more, we’ve updated the app’s interface so you will enjoy a more intuitive, user-friendly experience—not to mention its sleek design.



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