Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) Unit Replacement

Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) Unit Replacement

Dear Can-Am™ Roadster Owner,


This notice is being sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act and other applicable laws. Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. and BRP US Inc. (“BRP“) have decided to conduct a voluntary safety recall of all Can-Am Roadster. 


What is the potential problem?

This defect relates to the DPS system in your vehicle. A situation may occur where you may need to exert a force greater than expected to initiate the turning of the steering handlebar of your vehicle in order to correct its trajectory.  At this increased level of force the handlebar may be turned more than you had intended.  If this occurs you may steer your vehicle out of lane which increases the possibility of a crash with other traffic or of a drive off the road.


What should you do?

Call an authorized BRP Can-Am Roadster dealer and make an appointment to have your vehicle repaired. We will replace the DPS in your vehicle with an improved version of DPS assembly. This work will be performed at no charge to you.


You may have been previously notified of this defect and may already have had the software in your vehicle upgraded. BRP has decided to replace the DPS in your vehicle with an improved version of DPS as part of this recall. If you have previously responded to the recall, please respond again by contacting your dealer.


In the mean time be aware that a condition may arise where you need to use more force than expected to steer your vehicle. Stay alert and give yourself enough distance and time to react. BRP encourages you to pass on this information to any other driver of your vehicle.


What to do if you feel this notice is an error?

This notice was mailed to you according to the most current information we have available. If you no longer own this vehicle or some information in this notice is incorrect, please contact BRP at your earliest convenience.


For US residents only

If you believe that the dealer or BRP has failed or is unable to remedy the problem within a reasonable time, you may submit a complaint to the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue S.E. Washington, D.C. 20590, or call the toll free Auto Safety Hot Line at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153), or go to

For Canadian residents only

If you believe that the notification or correction is inadequate, that the manufacturer fails to correct the situation in accordance with the notification or it fails or is unable to correct the situation within 60 days, you may submit a complaint to the Road Safety and Motor Vehicle Regulation Directorate of Transport Canada at 1-800-333-0510.


If you have questions, need assistance, or to find the nearest authorized BRP Can-Am Roadster dealer:

• Visit


• In the US and Canada: 1-888-638-5397


9:30 to 17:30 Eastern time

Monday to Thursday

10:30 to 17:30 Eastern time


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Thank you for your immediate attention to
this matter.




After-Sales Service Department, 

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.