The European Directive on Driving Licences was implemented in all Member States from 19 January 2013. It brought the following change: any entitlements to drive granted before 19 January 2013 remain. As a consequence, you will find below the different scenarios allowing you to ride Can-Am On-Road vehicles.


If you acquired your car licence (B) before 19 January 2013 and were allowed to drive 3-wheel motorcycles with your licence, then you can keep your existing entitlements anywhere in the EU.

If you acquired your car licence (B) after 19 January 2013, you can ride Can-Am On-Road vehicles in Finland from the age of 21 years old.


You can ride Can-Am On-Road vehicles with a motorcycle licence (A) in Finland and anywhere in the EU from 24 years old.

If you are unsure about your right to drive Can-Am On-Road vehicles, please ask your local authority to confirm which licence you need to ride a "motor tricycle exceeding 15 kW", or check your licence’s entitlements in the EU Directive on the equivalences between categories of driving licences here.