For total peace of mind, you want all-over protection––especially for the most vulnerable parts of the body.


Head first

Drivers and passengers should always wear a motorcycle helmet and eye protection. It's what to wear when riding a 3-wheel motorcycle, full stop.


3-wheel motorcycle gear for hands and feet

Gloves are a also must because your hands are exposed on the handlebars. Bugs and pebbles can kick up while riding, but your hands also need shielding from the elements. Most riders add sturdy riding boots that cover the ankles, padded pants and an armored jacket.


Plan for the riding conditions

You also have to factor in the riding conditions, for example to stay warm in the cold and dry in the rain. You'll also want to check out some 3-wheel motorcycle apparel with venting options in warmer situations to get air flowing so your body stays cool and dry. And if it happens to start drizzling on your ride, rain jackets and pants are the way to go.


Can-Am 3-wheel motorcycle gear

But no matter what the conditions, BRP knows what to wear on a 3-wheel motorcycle. Our full line of riding gear and accessories is developed by and for riders, plus they’re custom-designed for your Can-Am Spyder and Can-Am Ryker. We also offer a range of cool styles, so there’s something for every type of rider. Look no further for 3-wheel motorcycle gear, it's all right here!

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