Can-Am Ryker has drawn the attention of the most renowned media of its industry.
Read below to know what they had to say about this new 3-wheel motorcycle.


''[...] The Ryker is something unique, something fun and something like you have never ridden before. It also has an impressive price point which is sure to attract fans. On top of the price, the Ryker is available through a leasing program, which makes things even more attractive. While it’s not a daily driver, its something fun to rip around the road on, something you can enjoy on the weekends and for solo adventures.''

- Jesse James


''In regular cruising mode, the Ryker is calm and comfy,
with a neutral and upright solo seating position for the pilot.
Want a passenger? Can-Am has a slew of accessories available,
including a clip-on accessory seat, as well as whole host of
other options to really make the Ryker your own.
That included body panels, graphics, wheel highlights—
Can-Am claims up to 75,000 possible combos.'' 

- Andrew Cherney


''In my short time on the Ryker, I found that, despite
its dramatically reduced price, it features the same build quality
as the more expensive Spyders. The styling is sporty, and
the single-sided swingarm gives the Ryker a sporty look
that is quite different from the Spyder line. The engine’s power
is decent, and the CVT is well executed. Will it attract the younger
demographic that it is aimed at? We’ll be watching closely.
The Ryker will be available to the public
in the first quarter of 2019.''

- Kevin Wing



'Despite being different than a two-wheeled motorcycle, the Ryker can be a game-changer for potential new enthusiasts as a gateway into the on-road powersports lifestyle. The Ryker is sexy, cool, fast, and very fun to ride. Lest we forget, isn’t that what this obsession is all about? ''

- Brittany Morrow