Welcome to where you belong.

Join a diverse community of Can-Am riders who are opening up the road for more. When we ride for us, we ride for all.

Thrill seekers

No two riders are the same, but their passion for riding runs deep. This is a bond so strong that it goes beyond borders.

Born riders

Our riding enthusiasts take passion to another level. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Find out who they are and see why they made it into our awesome series, People of the Open-Road.

Power to women

Can-Am On-Road is on a mission to inspire more women to join the community and enjoy the open road. Discover how we’re cheering them on!

We Can All Ride

Share your Can-Am On-Road Experience with the #WeCanAllRide

Celebrating 50 years of Can-Am

Discover our full history

Celebrate 50th of Can-Am with us! From the MX motocross up to the most recent lineup of 3-wheel vehicles, buckle up, we're just getting started!

History remade

All-new, all-electric, the next generation of Can-Am motorcycles are making history before they’ve even arrived.

Heritage spirit meets modern engineering in two new vehicles designed to put the thrill back in your ride.





Get ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure you’ll never forget

There’s no better way to take over the road, dirt and gravel than with a powerful ride that you can customize to be your very own.


We bet you’ve never experienced freedom quite like this

A vehicle with a bold design, lasting comfort and performance beyond compare deserves to be ridden as far as the roads can take you.


For those on-road adventures that you wish would never end

This is the modern luxury touring vehicle you’ve been waiting for. Comfortable, convenient and unique, it’s the kind of ride that sets your sight more on the journey than the destination.

Road play

Experience a thrilling adventure on the open road with endless possibilities around every corner.

Can-Am On-Road is open to all. Get to know our community of unique riders with a passion for adventure and excitement.

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