Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

Built to endure ranch life, the Defender is a natural fit for the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

Helping animals is a real job. A real, big, job. Since 1979, the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas has been the adopted home to thousands of domestic, exotic, and abused animals. From chimpanzees to burros, horses to tigers—even tortoise and iguana species—the sanctuary and employees work tirelessly to allow each animal to live as freely as possible.




“Our mission is to provide life-long sanctuary for a variety of animals, to give them proper care, diet, veterinary treatments, and just let them live their lives here without stress,” says Noelle Almrud, Senior Director of the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

Covering more than 1,400 acres, the staff is always on the move and requires vehicles that work as hard as they do—making the Can-Am Defender a perfect match for the ranch. Hauling hay, feed, towing trailers, ferrying veterinarians to and from examinations…it never stops. 

With room for up to 6 passengers, a dump cargo bed, off-road tires, suspension, and four-wheel-drive, the Defender MAX can reach every corner of the ranch at a moment’s notice. Already, its ease of use has made a big difference at the ranch.

“Having over 1,400 acres, we have miles and miles of fence. And much of that fence is in the woods; this vehicle will allow us to get where a traditional truck can’t get,” Almrud says. “It’s the perfect size to throw a few bales of hay in the back and go feed some horses, [and] our facilities team can use it to make quick trips around the property.”

The ease of hopping in and out, the ability to carry needed tools, and the toughness to support jobs both large and small have helped to make the Defender MAX the side-by-side of choice at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

Thanks to Brinson Powersports -- Athens, Texas for their help with this Can-Am For A Cause project.




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