Frequently asked question


BRP GO! is your one-stop source for a connected riding experience. This mobile app includes many navigation features that can be used on a phone or directly on a compatible Can-Am vehicle display. BRP GO! also allows to manage certain functionalities of the Vibe communication system.

BRP GO! supports devices with Apple iOS 16+ or Android 10+ operation systems.

The following languages are supported by BRP GO!: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Japanese and Dutch.

BRP GO!'s language automatically follows the default language of the smartphone. It is not possible to change the language of the app manually within the BRP GO! app, only from the language menu of the smartphone’s operating system.

BRP GO! is available free of charge on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Some app features may require a subscription.

BRP GO! is a mobile app offering navigation features (and more). BRP Connect is the software running on certain Can-Am vehicle displays. This technology allows screen mirroring of some compatible mobile apps, such as BRP GO!.

Yes. You can use BRP GO! navigation features on the 10.25" touchscreen display as found on select Can-Am Off-Road models. A phone and USB cable are required to use the app on the display.

A: Not to worry, you can use a phone holder mounted to your side-by-side vehicle or ATV and use all the features of BRP GO! while riding.

Some web browsers (such as MI and DuckDuckGo) are not compatible with the BRP login and account creation tool, which makes it impossible to open the login page when a phone has one of these browsers by default. The solution is to change the default browser of the device to use another browser (for example: Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

To change the default browser on your Android device:

1. Go to the phone Settings
2. Go to Apps
3. Go to Manage Apps
4. Tap on “...” (upper right)
5. Go to Default Apps
6. Go to Browser
7. Select “Chrome” (or any other browser)

To change the default browser on your iOS device:

1. Go to phone Settings
2. Scroll down until you find the browser app
3. Tap the app
4. Tap "Default Browser App"
5. Select a web browser to set it as the default.


Official ORV trails and points of interest are available in BRP GO! in the following regions:
- Canada: Quebec, Manitoba and Nova Scotia
- US: California, Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, Michigan, Utah, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alaska, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Wyoming

We are working to add more regions based on our key markets.

BRP is collaborating with many ORV federations and partners and their participation in BRP GO! is entirely at their discretion. Feel free to reach out to your local ORV club or federation to invite them to participate in this program.

Federations wishing to display their trails in the app can contact our team at the following address:

Yes! Almost all navigation features are available even if the trails are not yet available in your region.

You will be able to:
- See your GPS position on the map
- See topographic information on the map
- Track your rides (with the GO! mode)
- Invite your friends and locate them on the map (while riding with the GO! mode)
- Create custom POIs
- Create off-trail itineraries (in official playgrounds or owned lands)
- Download areas for offline riding

You won’t be able to :
- Create itineraries on trails
- Use the turn-by-turn navigation on trails
- Look up public POIs near you

Yes, it is possible to use the BRP GO! navigation map in Dark mode, in addition to Light mode.

To change the map display mode on your phone:
Change the display mode from your phone's Settings (Display & Brightness).

To change the map display mode on your vehicle's gauge:
On the 10.25" display: Go to Quick Preferences (icon is located in the status bar) > select "Dark" or "Bright"

Simply download map areas in the map in advance to ensure that the vast majority of navigation features will work at all times, even without a cellular network.

However, if you are doing a group ride, it won't be possible to track your friends' location on the map when you have no network. This feature requires a network connection for you and your friends.


The BRP GO! app can be used on the 10.25" touchscreen display available on select Can-Am Off-Road models.

1- Download the BRP GO! app on your phone.
2- Make sure that your phone is unlocked and that the BRP GO! app is open on your device.
3- Connect your phone to the vehicle via the USB cable (the USB connector is located in the glovebox). Once the connection is successful, a black screen will appear on your phone.
4- Open the "Navigation" applet on your vehicle display.

10.25" Touchscreen Display
On your vehicle display:
1- Go to the Applet menu
2- Go to "Preferences"
3- Select "Bluetooth"
4- Select "Phone"
5- Select "Add New Devices". The display will then search for the device.

On your phone:
6- Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings
7- Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on
8- Select the Bluetooth name of your vehicle display in the list of available devices. It will be "BRP_the 4 last number of your vehicle’s VIN number".
9- A confirmation number will appear on the display and on the phone. Make sure the numbers match. Then, press "Pair" on your phone.

Please note that:
- The pairing process can only be done when the vehicle is not moving.
- The pairing process only happens one time, as the display will automatically recognize and connect your phone the next times.

- Make sure that your phone is not locked and that BRP GO! is open on your phone when connecting it to the USB cable.
- Make sure that you use a good quality USB cable (i.e. the one usually provided by your phone's manufacturer).
- Make sure there is no water, sand or snow on the ends of the USB cable.
- If you have an Android device, make sure that the "Appear on top" permission has been enabled for BRP GO! (Phone Settings > Apps > BRP GO! > Appear on top > On). Make sure also that the "Nearby devices" and "Phone" permissions are allowed for BRP GO! (Settings > Apps > BRP GO! > Permissions).
- If you have the 7.8" wide LCD display, make sure that your phone is paired to the vehicle via Bluetooth.
- If you have an iPhone 15, you must connect your phone with a USB-A to USB-C cable (supporting 3.0 fast charging protocol) or use a USB-C to USB-A adapter with your USB cable that came with your iPhone 15.

The USB connector is located in the glove compartment of the Can-Am Off-Road vehicle. Make sure to use the right USB connector for screen-mirroring.

Once your phone is connected to your vehcile, it will be in "locked" mode (black screen with a checkmark) and it will not be possible to use your device.

If you decide to use your phone while it is connected to your vehicle, you will not be able to use BRP GO! on your vehicle. If this situation occurs and you want to put BRP GO! back on the display, simply reopen the BRP GO! app in foreground on your phone and the connection to the vehicle will be reestablished.

We recommend using the manufacturer's original USB cable to connect your smartphone to the vehicle. Often, unstable connection issues between your phone and the vehicle display are caused by a poor quality USB cable.

Yes. You will need to unlock your phone and open the BRP GO! app before each connection (open the app before plugging in the USB cable).

Not to worry, you can use a cellphone holder mounted to your side-by-side vehicle or ATV and use all the features of BRP GO! while riding.