Do you need a license to ride a Can-Am Off-Road vehicle?

We’ll be very clear: nobody at any age should ride an off-road vehicle if they aren’t responsible enough to ride properly. A license is required in many places, be aware of local rules and regulations where you ride.


ATVs are not toys, but they can be a good first step into off-roading. We offer Youth-focused ATV models for riders aged 6 and up; with adult supervision at all times.


We recommend that ATV riders on machines with engines 250cc and above are at least 16 years old. Take the next step and complete a rider safety program.


We recommend that all Side-by-Side operators are 16 years or older, with a valid driver’s license. Rider safety certification programs are also available for SSVs.


For riders, passengers, and spectators alike, safety is a series of choices that lead to a positive result. How you feel in the vehicle and how you’re responding to the terrain goes a long way to enjoying the off-road experience. If you’re not comfortable in or around an off-road vehicle, listen to your gut and figure out why.


Being comfortable while driving your Can-Am could mean adjusting the seat or steering wheel (if so equipped); or on an ATV, adjusting the handlebars or your seating position. Your dealer, rider safety course, or local riding club can assist you with getting as comfortable as possible.

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