Tough love: no matter what your age, off-road vehicles are only for responsible riders. Many places require a license to drive an ATV, so know before you go. Check out our safety and licensing tips for a great ride every time.

License requirements to drive off-road vehicles

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

Anyone riding an ATV more powerful than 250 cc should be minimum 16 years old. We also recommend doing a rider safety program so they feel confident and informed.

Find out if you need a license to drive an ATV both in your area and where you’ll be riding. You might even discover how to get your ATV license online. And don’t forget to ask things like where the license plate goes on an ATV because requirements can vary.

We know how fun ATVs are, but they’re not toys. That said, they can be great for introducing kids to the off-road experience. Can-Am makes ATV models for young riders ages 6 and up that require adult supervision at all times.

To drive a side-by-side vehicle, you should be over 16 and have a valid driver’s license. There are safety certification programs specifically for SSVs that can prove invaluable.

Safety is a series of smart choices that make or break your ride. If you want to have a blast out there, you have to feel confident in your vehicle and pay attention to the terrain. 

Whether you’re a rider, passenger or just watching from the sidelines, your off-road experience depends on taking safety seriously.

Comfort for control and confidence

If you’re not comfortable in or around off-road vehicles, off-roading may not for you. Always be informed and listen to your gut.

Your physical comfort is also key while driving your Can-Am. Make sure to adjust the seat and/or steering wheel for maximum support and control. On ATVs, adjust the handlebars and/or seat. If you’re not sure of the best positions, ask your dealer, rider safety instructor or local riding club.

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