Can-Am x FastHouse

Desert racing runs deep in our roots. The passion is forged by the camaraderie, good times, and the heritage of the trailblazers who came before us. It’s this very essence that drives us to carry forward the legacy, with a relentless commitment to kick up dust to dawn.

About Can-Am

The champion of rocks, dirt and dunes, Can-Am handles any adventure with purposely built vehicles. Explore, ride and dominate all the off-road and open-space terrains. After half a century of wild rides, Can-Am is just warming up.

About FastHouse

Cherishing the days when the mantra on the street was peace, love and freedom. FastHouse is built upon the legacy of those that came before it, while forging its own path of being the Purveyors of Good Times®. Gaining recognition for its classic style and dedication to breaking the mold, FastHouse creates high-performance gear and art-driven casuals for like-minded individuals who embrace Speed, Style, and Good Times®.

A Unique Collab

FastHouse, known for its classic style and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, banded together with Can-Am, a renowned name in the off-road industry, to build a partnership that brings together two like-minded brands fueled by shared passions and goals. By merging FastHouse's aesthetic with Can-Am's off-road prowess, this collaboration sets a new benchmark for off-road lifestyle, capturing the core of their shared values and leaving behind a legacy for all to revel in.

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