It's a wrap!

What an incredible Dakar Rally it has been!

Intense, rough, and full of surprises, it's been a truly unforgettable event. Our Can-Am racers have showcased exceptional performances, filling us with immense pride. Notably, Sara Price who has made history as the first American female to win a Dakar Stage!


The Dakar Rally in a nutshell

One prologue, 12 stages, 14 days and two shots at making history! The Dakar has five categories and the Can‑Am racers team will compete in the lightweight vehicle category: Challenger (T3) and SSV (T4). The T3s are prototypes crafted by specialized makers and T4s are SSV models. Covering 5,000 km of treacherous terrain, our daring drivers are ready to rule the world’s toughest race again.

Dakar Rally 2024 Route

Meet our racers

Lukas Lauda: honoring the racing genes

Winning beast

See how the Maverick is tailored to triumph in the desert

Built for tough races like Dakar, the Maverick delivers up to 200 HP roaring performances. The Smart Shox suspension and the pDrive primary clutch also contribute to its perfect power-to-weight ratio.

Team player

The Traxter's versatility and force in the 2024 Dakar Rally

Giving support to the Can‑Am racers team, the Traxter will participate in the 2024 Dakar Rally edition as a versatile tool to aid in transportation, recovery operations, camp set-ups and much more.


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