Smart-Lok technology

Smart-Lok is the most advanced off-road differential at your command. It's a fully lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically-controlled automatic modes that always returns maximum traction in every condition, period


Handle thrilling trails

The TRAIL ACTIV mode has been designed for aggressive riding in delivering the ultimate in cornering precision. On undulating terrain, quick corners, and loose surfaces, TRAIL ACTIV mode maximizes the 4WD system's speed, efficiency, and predictability.

When high engine torque and/or an increase in vehicle speed is detected, Smart-Lok will progressively engage (lock) the front end until the throttle is released or the vehicle’s speed is reduced. The progressive engagement allows smoother steering effort and predictable response.

Key inputs monitored: Engine torque and vehicle speed

*Smart-Lok was developed in conjunction with TEAM Industries, a market leader in the drive train industry


Move through deep mud

Smart-Lok is always adapting to the conditions by monitoring exactly what the vehicle’s doing over several parameters. Press the MUD button, though, and special calibrations for wet, boggy, and soft muddy terrain are engaged. MUD mode fully locks the front end when high engine torque and / or slippage are detected.

With four drive modes (2x4, locked 4x4, MUD, and TRAIL) to choose from and 8 on the hardworking Traxter X mr models, you're able to overcome deeper obstacles than ever. 

Key inputs monitored: engine torque and wheel speed


Drive where it rocks

A button press is all it takes to set up a Can-Am for rock crawling. With throttle, steering, and the 4WD system all tuned to maximize response over rough, rocky terrain, it's already proven with a King of the Hammers victory.

Press the ROCK button, and special calibrations kick in to help pull a Can-Am over obstacles when leading with the right front tire. When high engine torque is detected at low vehicle speed, Smart-Lok will progressively lock the front end and will stay engaged until throttle release to prevent wheel slippage and provide optimal traction. The progressive engagement also allows for easier steering when maneuvering the vehicle.

Key inputs monitored: Engine torque and throttle position 


Let them trail behind

When it’s all about adapting in an instant to the trail ahead, TRAIL mode uses front wheel speed sensors to compare the discrepancy and identify the slipping wheel. It will then synchronize both wheels as needed.

For a wide range of conditions, it delivers predictable cornering and traction by progressively engaging the front end and maintaining the required axle lock as the conditions and driver input change. Smart-Lok has a progressive engagement that allows for lower, smoother steering effort at higher speeds that makes TRAIL mode so surefooted.

Key inputs monitored: Wheel speed and steering angle

Packages availability

  • Maverick


    Starting at £27,999

    Starting at £27,999

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