Made to Perform

We’ve Got Everything to Keep You in the Lead

All-Out or Nothing!

Are you ready to kick the fun up a notch? Our performance models are built for the wild and to unlock every far corner of the outdoors. With enough juice to chase every thrill, they can’t wait to show you what hides around every corner.

My inspiration comes from seeing anyone who puts forth all the hard work, determination, pain, failures, and belief that they one day they can and will succeed!

- Chad Hughes

I was absolutely hooked 100%. I loved the adrenaline. Just everything about it. Jumping, and cornering, and the competition, and the dirt. Just how brutal it all can be. I really, really liked it and I just flourished from there. 

- Corry Weller

That turbocharged feeling!

We’ve got power, power and more power

All the adrenaline and high performance you’re looking for! Our Can-Am sidekicks have up to 240 HP. Powered by Rotax engines, they’ll get your blood pumping.

Your Turn to Lock Up and Go

Meet the Can-Am Smart-Lok Technology

You don’t have to go easy with Can-Am Smart-Lok technology. Depending on your model, you can pick one of the four or eight driving modes (2x4, locked 4x4, MUD and TRAIL) to adapt and overcome obstacles like never before.


Rough terrain feels smooth with Smart-Shox

Get Smart-Shox with Live Valve (Gen 3) semi-active suspension technology, available for both compression and rebound. With Smart-Shox 2.0, riding has never been so smooth. Go where you never thought possible.

The can-am models with the best performance