We're putting the spotlight on some of the interesting and inspiring women in our riding community.


Sophie is a social entrepreneur, TV host and award-winning disability advocate. She's a passionate Can-Am rider and mentor who wants to share her spirit of adventure and discovery with new riders, and motivate women to discover the freedom and fun of riding.

Why do you ride?

I ride because I love nothing more in life than getting out to new places and seeing new things! I also ride to get out of my comfort zone and spice up my life. I had planned a trip around the world on my Ryker in 2020 with the hopes of being the first disabled woman to complete the adventure solo, but currently the trip is on hold due to the global pandemic.

What are some hurdles you have overcome as a rider with a disability?

The first hurdle was finding a vehicle that I could ride. I am a paraplegic with no core strength nor the use of my legs, so I needed to find something self balancing and totally reliable, but I didn’t want to sacrifice on style! I had my Ryker Rally 900 adapted so that I could control it entirely with my hands. My local dealer in London (where I live) modified the brake system to be a handbrake system. The company innovated the solution because, as far we are aware, there are currently no other handbrake kits on the market. They also installed foot plates for me to make sure my feet stay safe on the plate when I’m riding. I am now in the process now of having a wheelchair mount designed and installed.

What advice would you give to other women who might be afraid or hesitant to try riding?

As someone who is paralysed, I believe that any fears we might have are self limiting. Fear itself can be paralysing. So, we have to find a way to face those fears and ride towards them, knowing how good it will be on the other side!

What is your biggest takeaway from Women of On-Road and riding?

There is nothing more important than finding the thing you love and making sure you get out of your comfort zone. My role as a mentor is to help other women like me enjoy the road. So, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me!


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