Don’t let cargo get in your way of a good ride

Whether you mainly use your Can-Am for fun or for work, you occasionally may need to run errands anyway. And, even if you ride just for the fun of it, sometimes a bit more cargo than usual can’t be avoided. Our product specialist has some tips for this.

Riding solo or with a friend can require some extra items with you. Also, as we discussed in another blog about riding gear, stowable gear can make a world of difference – especially on longer rides.

Luckily, both the Can-Am Ryker and Can-Am Spyder have additional storage and cargo options in addition to their standard options. We ran through an ideal setup for a Ryker with our product specialist so you can get a better idea of what options you have in terms of cargo.

Business on the front

A standard Can-Am Ryker will come equipped with a front storage bin located just in front of your windshield. It’s a convenient container with a poppable lid for easy access. It has plenty of space for your essentials, but it also features a USB port for charging your phone or other devices you may have with you on the road. You also have other storage options for the front of your Can-Am.

Keep your valuables on the go with ease

Our product specialist is a big fan of the Tank Bag cargo accessory. It’s connected with a magnet on your Ryker, so it’s easy to take with you and place back on your Ryker. This bag is great for storing your wallet, keys, phone, or other small valuables to take with you easily. The top of the bag comes with a see-through window where you can place your phone to use as a navigator for example.

Party or storage in the back with the LinQ System

Can-Am Rykers and Spyders are both versatile when it comes to the rear half of the vehicle. Having a passenger or cargo with you are both options that are easily managed with the included LinQ System, which allows you to have versatile setups for your Can-Am. Here are some solutions our product specialist likes to have at hand.

LinQ Top Case and LinQ Cooler

If you’re heading out for a longer ride or have something bulkier to transport, the LinQ Top Case comes handy. It’s significantly larger than the Tank Bag, allowing for larger items to be transported without looking too crowded or losing your cool.

Speaking of cool, if you’re transporting something for a get together or picnic, like beverages or food, the LinQ Cooler is a real treat to have with you. Either one you choose, it’s simple to swap out between them, and there’s also the possibility to switch out for another type of accessories as well.

Shad hard Saddle Bag

The side of your Ryker can also be harnessed for cargo. Our product specialist likes to have the Shad Hard Saddle Bag with them, since it’s the perfect size to store your helmet. As it’s lockable, it’s great for pit stops or the like, so you don’t need to stress about its contents. It’s also sturdy enough to protect anything that’s inside from the elements and anything that comes flying from the road.

Passenger seat to bring a friend on the road

If you often ride with a friend with you on the road, you definitely want to have a passenger seat for your Ryker. The Passenger Seat with foldable backrest is great for having a companion and not leaving them uncomfortable – which they’ll be sure to thank you for sooner or later.

Want more? CustomiSe your own

If you feel like there’s still something missing, or want to check out the options for the Can-Am Spyder, head online. You can look at all the accessories available from our brochures, go see the selection at your nearest dealer, or you can customise your own Ryker or Spyder on our website. Those are easy ways to chart all the different options you can have for your Can-Am to make it the perfect road companion.


  • Customise your Can-Am to your preference for the road

    Customise your Can-Am to your preference for the road

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    Rain or shine, with this gear you’re ready for the road in any weather

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