Customise your Can-Am to your preference for the road

Heading out on the road with style is something a lot of us enjoy. But did you know you can do that not just in terms of how you look, but also how your Can-Am Ryker or Spyder looks as well? And it doesn’t even stop there, but you can customise your Can-Am with a lot of different functionalities as well. Let’s get a rundown, shall we?

Going out on the road with a Can-Am is a freeing experience. Even more so when you get to customize your Ryker or Spyder to both look the way you want, but to also have all the features that you want. We teamed up with our product specialist to showcase some of the many ways you can customize your Can-Am Ryker and Spyder

Change the way your Can-Am looks easily

There are lots of ways to change the look of your Can-Am Ryker or Spyder. Some of them are more minute, others more evident. And the best part is, you can create a whole lot of different combinations with little effort! Let’s take a look.

Change the panels to stand out in a crowd

The front of your Can-Am is the biggest thing you can customise. By changing the panels you can change the feel of your Ryker or Spyder completely and choose colors that match your personality and style. 

What makes changing the panels even better is the fact that it only takes minutes to change! Simply remove the plugs holding the panels in place, pull off the panels, replace them with new ones and pop the plugs back on. It's as simple as that!

Express yourself with small details

There are a lot of different places you can accent or highlight on your Ryker or Spyder. For instance, you can add highlight colors to your handles, wheels and gauge spoilers. You can get as quirky or monochromatic as you like – just think of the many ways you can combine different colors!

Add function to fashion

Once you’re done with the visuals, you can add the functions you need. Or, if you’re just not that much into aesthetics, you can skip right ahead and make your Ryker or Spyder the tool you need it to be.

Protection for more demanding rides

If you’re heading out to gravel roads, you can protect your Can-Am by adding rack protectors or skid plates. If highways are more up your alley, then you might be interested in swapping out your gauge for a full windshield, like an Adventure Adjustable Windshield, for better protection against the elements. No matter your preference, we’ve got you covered!

Passengers or packages, no problem

If your Can-Am is what you use to transport cargo from one place to another, don’t sweat it. There are accessories for you to keep your cargo in place, and the same goes for extra passengers. A top case, for example, goes a long way in terms of keeping your cargo with you no matter where you’re going. There’s also the option for a passenger seat with a foldable backrest, which will allow you to have a passenger with you and for them to be able to ride with comfort as well.

And either way you go, you also will be able to make a statement with the way your Can-Am looks like with your accessories! For the full range, go check out the Can-Am Parts and Accessories selection.

These are just some of our favorite things – find yours!

The accessories and style options here are just a drop in the ocean – Can-Am Ryker and Spyder are both highly customizable. If you want to find a ride that truly represents who you are and makes a bold statement, customize your own Ryker or Spyder on our website. When you find the one that fits your style and needs, just go for it! 


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