Long hair and 3-wheel rides

If you love riding a 3-wheel vehicle and have long hair, you know what we’re talking about. Long locks and helmets can spell trouble. Luckily, there are easy ways to keep your looks great and enjoy the ride. Read on through, if you’re tired of getting your hair in knots out on a ride!

Can-Am 3-wheel vehicles represent freedom – freedom to be whoever you want to be, where ever you want to be. This goes all the way to your looks, like your hair. Long locks, no hair or anything in between, you’re always welcome to ride. Long hair, however, can get tricky on rides due to your helmet. Luckily, our brand ambassador Julana Dizon has great tips on how to keep your long hair looking fresh during and after a ride!

Hairstyle do’s and don’ts for rides

Julana has plenty of miles behind her. Having ridden so much with long hair as well, she’s had plenty of time to find different hairstyles to keep her hair looking nice and kink-free regardless of the ride’s length. 

No matter which style you go for, the rule of thumb for hairstyles that work well with a helmet on are: 

  • Tight – so your hair won’t loosen up during the ride 
  • Away from the face – so you won’t be distracted by stray hairs
  • Secure hair at the nape of your neck no matter the style

Best hairstyles for riding by Julana

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s get to those hairstyles we talked about. We’ll run through Julana’s top hairstyles for riding here, and you can also watch a tutorial we made with her on Youtube.

Low bun

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to do overall. It’s also one that leaves little to no loose hairs waving around, so you’ll get the least amount of distractions as well. 

Julana’s four-step approach to the low bun starts with:

  1. Pulling the hair into a ponytail, as discussed earlier, at the nape of the neck. 
  2. Twisting the resulting ponytail around its hair tie. 
  3. Have another hair tie to secure the bun in place.
  4. Pull a gaiter over the bun to protect the hair and keep wispies in place.

Simple braid

If your hair is prone to knot up easily, or you want to wear your hair down post-ride and keep it looking the way it looks pre-ride, you might want to try a simple braid down the back. A braid doesn’t leave kinks so no matter whether you’re planning on having a straight, curly, or wavy hair at your destination, the braid is your safest bet.

On our video, Julana shows how to easily make a braid. Just remember to have it as low and close to the nape of the neck as possible. To keep it extra safe, make sure to tuck the braid under your shirt or jacket before heading out.

Low ponytail

Short rides don’t require that much effort, right? Julana’s answer to easy hairstyling for shorter rides is a low ponytail. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s also easy to open back up again as well. 

Again, just secure the hair tie as low and close to your neck as possible. And like with the braid before, it’s easy to tuck the ponytail inside your shirt or jacket to keep it mess-free for longer. 

Great tips for hairstyling before and on the go

Apart from hairstyles, you can do other things to make life with long hair easier on the road. Using any of these tips before or after the ride is sure to make a difference and doesn’t take a lot of effort either. And why not make life easier and more enjoyable on the road – that’s what you got your Ryker or Spyder for, am I right?

JUlana’s top tips for hair styling and maintenance

  • Dry shampoo – helps with frizzy hair.
  • Scrunchies – the softer alternative to hair ties. Scrunchies don’t leave indentations on your hair as easily as regular elastic hair ties.
  • Compact brush – keep on stowed on your Can-Am Ryker or Spyder for on-the-go hair styling.

Ready, set, go!

Now that you have all these hairstyle and styling tips in your bag, you’re ready to hit the road with your Can-Am Ryker or Spyder. See you on the open road!


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