Discover what the off-road community has to say about our most popular models. From professionnals riders to average customers, here are some detailed product insights and reviews.

Commander reviews

JGonderman - Motortrend Author - Commander MAX XT

"What the Commander did best was to shatter any preconceived notions we may have had about this class of UTVs."

Caleb Jacob - TheDrive News Editor - Commander Max XT

"This isn't a toy for low-speed, daring rock crawlers. It's a gravel-slinging, confidence-inspiring rally machine that makes you feel more capable than you probably are."

Micah Anderson - Offroadxtreme Editor - Commander XT 1000R

"From this, you get a machine that handles well, accelerates sharply, and takes a beating without missing a beat."

Stephane Miville - atvtrailrider - Commander XT

"We firmly believe that this new Commander will meet a great success in the leisure-work vehicle category."

Mercedes Street - Jalopnik staff writer - Commander DPS

"But what if you want to do farm work on Monday and get airtime on Saturday? That’s where the crossover side-by-side comes in"

Maverick X3 reviews

Jgonderman Motortrend Blogger - Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR

"If there's one word that best describes how it feels to drive the 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR with Smart Shox technology, it would be unbelievable."

Jeff Hensen UTVdriver editor - Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR

"If wide-open terrain is your forte, the Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR Smart-Shox should be on the top of your list."

Jakob Schiller Content Creator - Maverick X3 Max X DS Turbo RR

"I’ve skied knee-deep powder in Europe, and this is still more fun by a factor of two."

Defender reviews

Berne Broudy Autowise Writer - Defender Limited

"There are few negatives to the Can-Am Defender. The biggest was that I liked it so much I’ll probably end up buying one. It seemed like every time I had a project, it was the right tool for the job."

UTV Planet Staff UTV Planet - Defender XT-P

"The motor has a healthy, torque-filled bottom end that builds to a brutish mid-range. You have all the power you’d need for tasks around the farm, home or trail, as well as a fun-filled trail ride."

Layth Taylor Off Road Livin' - Defender Max

“When we get to the point where we can buy our own house, that is the one thing I want,” he said, “I would save up for a Can-Am for sure.”

Sean Mccoy Gearjunkie Editor in Chief - Defender Max Limited

"It’s basically the interior luxury of a nice truck coupled with the crazy capability of a Can-Am side-by-side."

Claire Gierke Off Road Livin' - Defender Max Limited

“We love our Can-Am Defender and we wouldn’t get anything else, just maybe a new model in the future with HVAC in the cab,”

Marry Hefferman Off Road Livin' - Defender Max Limited

“I appreciate the multifunction of having a rig that I know can do anything I needed on the ranch,”

Alex Templeton Off Road Livin' - Defender PRO XT

“The bigger bed on the Defender PRO is unbelievable. It’s great for hauling around longer fence posts, bales of hay, loading up buckets of feed,”

Aaron Sykes Off Road Livin' - Defender HD10

“It is safe to say my Can-Am was the go-to for the USFS to get stuff done quick, and it took a beating and didn’t let me down."

Maverick Sport & Trail reviews

Sean Mccoy Gear Junky Editorial Director - Maverick Sport X RC

"I drove that little mechanical mountain goat hard for nearly 8 full hours. And at the end of the day, I’d burned just 3.5 gallons of gas. I was impressed."

Joe Utvondemand Writer - Maverick Sport 1000R

"Overall we believe that the Maverick Sport delivers a well-rounded great performing package that refuses to stay in its own lane. It’s simply a great sport SXS regardless of class."

Utvofroadmagazine - Maverick Sport DPS 1000R

"The Maverick Sport absolutely earns two thumbs up from us for longevity, fun drivability, and comfort on the long haul. This is a machine that is built to take on any trail and do it comfortably for an entire day of riding."

Steve Maillet UTV Plane Magazine Editor - Maverick Sport DPS 1000

"Can-Am once again knocked it out of the park. We can’t wait to spend more time behind the wheel of one and the ideas for a build project are flowing already."

Testing a great UTV for narrow trails - Maverick Trail

"The performance is excellent in all respects. The suspension feels better than the numbers would lead you to believe, and threading true 50-inch trails is a blast. When the going was more open, the Trail was just as happy."


Kyle Freeze Can-Am Owner - 2021 Outlander XT 850

"If you want quality, buy can-am"

Dirt Trax TV - Outlander 650 Rotax V-twin

"Underappreciated is one word to describe it, overachiever would be another"

Thejarnold ATV Escape Blogger - Outlander 2021 1000R XT-P

TOP 5 stand-out points with the Can-Am: "1. Highly and easily adjustable suspension 2. Storage 3. Seat, Floorboards, rider Protection 4. Thumb throttle response adjustment 5. 1000R Engine"


Joe ATV on demand Writer - Renegade 1000R X XC

"If you want to say you’ve ridden the baddest ATVs ever made, the Renegade 1000R should be on your list."

John Arens ATV Illustrated Writer - Renegade 800X xc

"Developed with the help of the Can-Am racing team, The 800X xc was meant to deliver performance that nothing else could touch, and it does not disappoint. "

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