How do you store an Off-Road vehicle?

There are several reasons to store a Can-Am for weeks (or even months) at a time. You won’t have to do much—but everything on this list is important to do before long-term storage. We asked Dustin Jones for his To-Do list before storing an off-road vehicle:


This might seem obvious, but storing a dirty vehicle gives all of that crud a chance to embed itself where it doesn’t belong—and possibly be a hassle later after months of storage. Find your XPS care products here.


Disconnect your battery from the vehicle. Yes, both the positive and negative terminals. Attach a trickle charger or a battery tender to ensure your battery is fully charged, properly conditioned—and ready to go!


When gasoline sits, it separates. Then it can gunk up your fuel tank, fuel lines, or engine. Fuel stabilizer (like the XPS stabilizer for Rotax engines) is inexpensive and prevents that from happening. Pour a bottle in and you’re done.


To avoid flat spots from developing, add a few PSI to your tires. This makes your tires more “round” and will prevent them from getting deformed during storage. Flat spots = vibrations while riding.


Once those items are complete, add a storage cover (indoor or outdoor) to your ride and call it good. We know it’s not easy to park your Can-Am for long periods of time—make sure it’s ready to ride when you wake it up.

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