How do you safely transport an Off-Road vehicle?

Whether you’re bringing your new Can-Am home from the dealer or are traveling cross country for an epic off-road adventure, there are a few basics that apply to everyone transporting an off-road vehicle.


Quality ratchet straps and tie-downs

Use good quality ratchet straps and / or tie-downs! Lower quality products can fail prematurely.


Pick your tie-down points

Anchor your off-road vehicle to the trailer using a point close to your trailer’s tires / axle. This helps to evenly distribute force from your tie-downs and protects the ratchet straps from working loose if the off-road vehicle is moving on the trailer.


Tighten down the vehicle

Once you have a trailer anchor point, run your straps from the anchor point around the lowest, outermost suspension arm, and back to the trailer. Straps should run as parallel to the vehicle as possible, and can be crisscrossed for strength.


Double check

Check your trailer lights, check the straps—check everything before setting off. If something doesn’t feel right on the road, immediately pull over to a safe location and do an inspection.


Which direction?

If your Can-Am has a windshield, load it facing forward on your trailer.

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