What are the different Can-Am driving modes?

You wouldn’t have a Can-Am if you weren’t planning on using all of your machine, right? Our four-wheel-drive systems and driving modes are similar to what you may know from trucks and SUVs—with a few key differences to maximize your off-road capability. Watch Dustin Jones cover the basics or read on to learn more about to get the most from your Can-Am ATV or SSV.

Drivetrain modes:


For most graded and well-traveled terrain, leaving your vehicle in 2x4 is completely fine; you’ll even save a bit of fuel doing it. It’s also recommended when transporting your vehicle short distances on pavement.


To send engine power to the front wheels, engage the 4-wheel-drive switch. 4WD can be used at all speeds, and provides added traction for climbing, slippery conditions and loose surfaces. In this setting, the tail will tend to kick out less—but note that 4WD isn’t a substitute for driving within your and your vehicle’s limits.

4x4 LOW

Lower speeds below 20 mph / 30 km/h? Mud riding? Rough trail? Loading onto a trailer? We recommend using 4WD LOW, which maximizes power and control at lower speeds.

Driving modes:

ECO mode

(if equipped) gives the smoothest throttle response, and best fuel economy. You get full power—just takes more throttle travel to unleash it all.

WORK mode

(if equipped) gives full power with smoother throttle response to negotiate job sites.


More exciting than ECO, it’s the best mode for the widest range of off-road conditions.

SPORT mode

(if equipped) Most engaging throttle response and performance—be warned that ear-to-ear grins may occur.

Advanced modes:

4x4 LOCK – Visco-4Lok

ATV: If equipped with Visco-4Lok, this switch will lock the front differential in a matter of milliseconds, at the push of a button. No slip…just grip.

TRAIL ACTIV, MUD, ROCK mode – Smart-Lok

Available for our SxS lineup, Smart-Lok a fully lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically-controlled automatic modes that give you the most grip possible for the conditions.


As you’re driving, Smart-Shox adapt the shock absorbers to the terrain, for the best mix of ride comfort and handling. The three modes allow you to dial performance in further, from plush to firm.

As your off-road skills improve, confidence grows, and you get more familiar with your machine, safely explore these features at your own pace.

Follow these links for more detailed information: Visco-4Lok | Smart-Lok | Smart-Shox

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