For the thrill of it

You may recognize Hubert from the show Nitro Circus, the Thrillbillies, or as part of RedNek Racing. Now, he races and rides with us.



Created to excite the record setters.

If the Maverick X3 holds up to Hubert and his friends, it’ll keep you in the action, too.


Adventure is essential.

Hubert will race anything as it sits. Best to upgrade safety gear: Can-Am helmet, 4-point harness upgrades…and gloves.

King of the Hammers Contender

Hubert Rowland racing his Can-Am Maverick X3

New challenges

2020 King of the Hammers was Hubert’s first big race with Can-Am. He worked hard, put it all out there, and came up short. That’s fine by us: it’s the drive to finish at the top that makes Hubert a rider worth watching.

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